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Range Extension - From a Noob

Discussion in 'Standard' started by n777ua, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. n777ua

    Apr 16, 2016
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    Hey Everyone

    I've been browsing the forums for a while and I'm learning lots of great stuff. I have what I think is a fairly simple question but I can't find a simple answer - there's just too much jargon and I'm not sure where to begin.

    I have a Vision Standard that I want to extend the range to as far as possible. What device / mod do I use to do this ? I've tried Google searching and I get tons of results but not a straightforward answer. Thanks in advance.
  2. LuvMyTJ

    Staff Member

    Feb 9, 2014
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    Live! From New York!
    It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Phantom Pilots forum. I hope that you will take advantage of the benefits that come with membership and that you will be able to use the forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in Phantom quadcopter’s.

    If you need the extra range or jst looking for a solid video connection the easiest mod is the Itelite DBS antenna panel mod. It requires you do a little handy work to your TX or you can pay someone to install it for you. It is an easy install in my opinion. Before you decide you need a mod be sure and fly it around for a while to make that determination. In many cases the stock P3S does just fine, much further than you can see it. Keep in mind that staying within sight of the aircraft is optimum for safe flights.
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