p3 standard

  1. D

    What is considered good range in the City?

    I'm curious what is considered good range in a crowded city with apartment buildings, trees exct. So far I have done the following modifications Both 2.4ghz antenna mods with Amps and same on the 5.8ghz. I have Alpha panels and upgraded the 2.4 GHz birdside antennas with P3 pro antennas. (Pics...
  2. M

    DJI Phanotm 3 standard

    Hi. I am breaking my head trying to fix the issue with a second hand phantom. I have phantom 3 pro and mavic pro. So i'm not new to this. I have always performed firmware updates on all my drones but this phantom has me going nuts. here's what I have: 1. Purchased a crashed drone with stuck...
  3. J

    Selling a Phantom 3 Standard

    Gimbal didn’t move. I tried to repair it with a new ribbon cable but now I can’t get the camera to work. Drone itself flys great. Battery and control are included.
  4. B

    Two Used Phantom3 Batteries For Sale $75 ea.

    I have two used original DJI P3 Batteries I had been saving but decided to sell. Not sure of the number of cycles on each but should be between 20 and 30 at most. I will plug them in to my P3 at work and check on it tomorrow. They are in great shape, no crashes, not swollen, or damaged. Asking...
  5. HappyFunBall

    P3 Standard and Samsung Note 8 WiFi App Connection Issue Fix

    If you are having issues connecting your Samsung Note 8 and DJI P3 Standard give this a try to see if the fix works for you. It worked for me after futzing with it for a long time trying different combinations and poking around the site here. Recreating the issue: - Drone and Controller are...
  6. A

    Achieving Constant speed forward flight

    Hi Guys, I am trying to achieve a constant speed forward flight mission with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard, I have tried the way-points mode but i get a restriction on range from home point. This is really important for my research and i'd appreciate any suggestions. I do apologize if this seems...
  7. H

    Complete Firmware reinstall?

    So i brought a used phantom 3 std stupidly. The firmware on the drone is screwed up, like seriously screwed up. I get no data in the app. The controller link light on the aircraft is green whilst its red on the controller but i can still operate the gimbal. I believe that it needs the firmware...
  8. R

    Dropped RC Now Left Stick Is Not Working Right

    After a flight a few days ago, I set my drone and rc on my truck bed and my rc fell onto the concrete. Right after I attempted to fly the drone and it would not fly. The s1 switch snapped and now wiggles around, and I also wanted to see if the sticks were messed up. I tried to calibrate the rc...
  9. jdeloney

    Making multiple cuts of single video wih DJI GO editor (P3 Standard)

    I want to edit a one minute video into two parts. I can only seem to slide the cut bars from each end, once this is done is there a way to activate part of the already cut section? Is there a way to use the start and the end of the video and just cut the middle out?
  10. WINDY Day!!!

    WINDY Day!!!

    Very short video showing how well the P3S handles 20mph winds. It was for sure over 20mph and gusting to more than 30mph. I tried going above 150Ft but the P3 got blown a block behind me before I could properly adjust the direction and then it took FULL Stick Forward to return Home!!!
  11. L

    Blurry video footage

    I recently purchased a P3 standard and after recording a few videos I can't get any to play back on my galaxy s7 without being blurry. Clear footage on macbook but how can I edit and watch on phone at good quality? Have tried watching after uploading to YouTube but still blurry
  12. K

    google cardboard

    i wanted to know if there was an ios app for google cardboard headtracking for the phantom 3 standard
  13. A

    Roll Arm Ribbon Replacement

    While landing, my blade motors suddenly stopped at about 5 feet above ground. I have no idea why they just stopped. The crash broke several parts that I'm now needing to order and replace. One of those items is the roll motor. (picture attached shows the broken ribbon) However, I can't find a...
  14. U

    Worth buying P3 now?

    Hi, I am planning to get a new P3 standard as my first drone. This is beginning of 2017, so is it worth to get P3 Std at this point as already many upgraded versions are out in the market? I don't know if price of P4 will come down to sub $500 in near future. So not sure if shall I wait or just...
  15. F

    Help with "Jello Effect" on P3 Standard

    Hey folks! Having some problems with the "Jello Effect" on my P3 Standard (video demo below). It's only started recently, and I can't for the life of me figure out why! Any help that can be offered with fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated.
  16. A

    Will a P4 Standard Controller work with a P3 Standard

    I recently had an accident with my P4 and now have the controller but no drone for it :-(. I was thinking of mailing it to my son who has the P3 Standard. He likes how the controller feels as opposed the the P3 controller. Will it work? Thanks
  17. Dato

    Indoor Mode for the P3?

    Just got my P3 Standard for Christmas and I want to fly it indoor. I just want to get it off the ground 4 ft., hover above the take off point, then return to its launch location. I tried to do this but I believe it was trying to follow GPS and it was maintaining the 4 feet but moving around the...
  18. M

    P3Standard users firmware

    Anyone upgrade to 1.7.90? Any issues? Improvements?
  19. Energy Guy

    Sparks Lake, Oregon Panorama

    Here's a view of Sisters, Broken Top, Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade Range.