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  1. G

    phantom 3 4K range extender advice help

    Please help I’ve been trying to research from what I can tell so far it’s looking like the itelite would be my best bet but I’m finding all kinds of mixed reviews on each one I look up can anyone give me first hand experience?
  2. D

    P4Pv2 Range Extender?

    Hi, Just got a P4Pv2 and get some interferance after 3000 ft but still happy with it but curious if anyone has gotten any aftermarket range extenders. I see a couple from Drone world and another. Curious if anyone has used any of these and if they are worth it? Drone World DJI - EvoLite Kit...
  3. Brojon

    Range extenders on sale - anyone heard or tested these?

    Cheap at $110 but I can't find any reviews. ITELITE ITE DBS SHOCKWAVE DUO FOR DJI Phantom 4 PRO
  4. PhantomHero

    Range extender

    Will the addition of a 3 antenna ($57 one) help/eliminate the "Warning strong interference" warning? Was considering getting one for P3S if it would correct this issue. Or will this JUST add further flight distance when no interference is present?
  5. S

    Is the 32 channel mod still working?

    Hi all. Just got a phantom 3adv, and works great but with some range issues. Open terrain gets 6000-8000 feet, but near more condensed areas, only about 1500ft. I know that's normal but the interference issues have alot to do with traffic on channels 13-20. I heard about the 32 channel mod and I...
  6. P

    Antenna Boost / Range Extender for P3A

    Hello! I´m looking for a range extend for my Phantom 3 Advanced. Here what I found: - http://www.argtek.com/en/2-1718-136704/product/WiFi-Range-Extender-Manufacturer-in-Taiwan-id496184.html - DJI - EvoLite Kit Plus -...
  7. BRdroidPilot

    DJI Phantom 3 4k Range Extender

    Hello pilots! I'm glad to be here. I have a P3 4k and I want to extend the range of my Phantom, cause I lost the wifi signal on my mobile and I need more distance to fly . What is the better antenna/system to do that? Itelite DBS02 Antenna System? Does it works properly? I asked DJI support and...
  8. N

    Range Extension - From a Noob

    Hey Everyone I've been browsing the forums for a while and I'm learning lots of great stuff. I have what I think is a fairly simple question but I can't find a simple answer - there's just too much jargon and I'm not sure where to begin. I have a Vision Standard that I want to extend the...
  9. P

    Advanced Upgrade antenna on phantom 3 drone (bird-side upgrade)

    I'm looking to upgrade the antenna's on the phantom 3a drone itself. The stock antenna's are just the little linear polarized ones built into the legs. I would ideally like to replace the stock antennas with something like Mad Mushrooms. Anybody done this kind of mod? How do you access &...
  10. RF Guy

    Antenna Booster Analysis

    Hey guys- ( pre-apologize for the length of this- but it might be useful) I'm a new P3P owner and it's a rainy day. I'm also an RF engineer. I've spent 4 decades optimizing signals / antennas / transmitters / receivers. The Windsurfer style antenna boosters were a great idea for the Phantom...
  11. garrock

    Phantom 3 Standard - Separating Control from both 2.4 and 5.8ghz Uplink

    I made the cut ! Twit.tv chose a handful of companies to interview and showcase at the Interdrone Expo. (I'm right in there with DJI !) Its not for sale yet but not far away now from Kickstarting for the Phantom 2 Vision+ Active adapting it to the Phantom 3 Standard Hopefully by Christmas...