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Quick No Fly Zone questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SkyKisser, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. SkyKisser

    Dec 6, 2015
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    Hi guys
    As far as I know the red zone aka no fly zone means you can not take off in it,right?
    And when you fly to that zone, the drone will lose signal, correct?
    Does it mean it will drop down to the ground or it will go in return home mode and fly back to home point or what will happen?
    I just brought home a P3P and find out that i'm inside a no fly zone. Of course i wont try to bring it outside and fly but can I take off from inside my house and fly around?
    That's all, thanks guys.

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  2. Formstone

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Others with more P3 experience can correct or clarify but here is my understanding as I have only had my P3 a week but my P2V+ for quite some time.

    Depends on the NFZ - if the DJI Go app says NFZ then it won't start the motors. If it is the mapbox site or the FAA Be4UFly then you might need to call a tower or something. If you are within 15 miles of DC then the motors will not start, within the 30 miles but outside of 15, they will start but currently the 30 is a NFZ period.

    The P3 won't fly into that zone, it will bump up against an invisible wall.
    As to in your house, flying in small spaces with a Phantom is not the best idea and I would only suggest it if there is a ton of space and a highly experienced pilot and even then there is high risk. If you want to fly in your house, get a small inexpensive quad that has guards all over it and fly that, save the Phantom and your wallet.
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  3. maxwell smart

    Feb 24, 2015
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    Your house will explode. And everyone will know you have a deadly drone. Shame on you.:oops:
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