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  1. Seawolf

    Apr 26, 2014
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    First flight of the P4 for me coming from a PV2+. Overall very impressed. Seemed quieter than the PV2+. Batteries ran for approximately 25 min running out to ranges of 1km at 80m. Also switched over to speed mode and cycled across 1080, 2.5k and 4K. Batteries were warm even with air temps in the high 40's in central Kansas, so wonder how they will work in summer with temps in the 100's.

    Used an iPhone 6 but battery on that depleted quickly and the iPhone battery case did not seem to charge the phone while plugged into the Phantom, so that's an issue with keeping the iPhone charged. Also miss waypoint planning. ImageUploadedByPhantomPilots1458523203.620459.jpg
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