Prompted to calibrate RC

Oct 10, 2016
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So I've gotten three or four prompts to calibrate the RC (P4P v2) over the past few months and wondering whether this is normal or foreshadowing of something? Everything seems normal after calibration.
Check out this guide for best practices on calibrating the compass:
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Ah, my mistake. Any chance the sticks were not in the center when the remote controller was powered on?
Ah, my mistake. Any chance the sticks were not in the center when the remote controller was powered on?
Huh good question! I never try to center them before powering up - I just figured that automatically go to the center??
Right, you shouldn't have to manually center them. However, they should always be in the center before attempting to power on the remote controller.
Just a guess. Make sure you hit 'finish' after the calibration or it has to be repeated often. If a stick seems slow or jerky during calibration it may need cleaning or replacement. Move the sticks slowly and watch the numbers closely to see if they jump around or run up/down smoothly as required. Usually these problems show up in flight as well with unusual movements.
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Hey, I've had the same thing with my P4P v2. Seems like it's just routine maintenance. As long as everything's good post-calibration, I wouldn't worry too much about it!
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Dont forget to also calibrate the wheels, and to click on then the finish button as Capt KO said above
So was out flying yesterday...first flight out asked to calibrate RC, which I did - no problem. Then at last stop asked again, only this time moving the left stick up didn't register. Switched to backup. This morning tried again - asked to calibrate - tried - left stick went up, but only went to 94% down. Something's up with that.

Also talked to repairman the other day. He said it doesn't pay to repair them. So I guess I'm in the market for an RC for Phantom 4 Pro v2.
Have you thought about reinstalling the firmware/software for the RC with DJI Assistant 2?
btw, I have a P4P V2 outfit for sale if finding just a controller is almost as expensive.
I really love my P4P v2, though.
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