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Jul 26, 2014
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Jacksonville n.c.
So I bought the Phantom 3 pack of filters and received them last week but the polarized lens and the ND8 wouldn't thread all the way onto the camera. The ND4 threaded perfectly and the quality is superb. I contacted them via email on wednesday and they replied today( thursday) with this response.
Hello Jason,

-Sounds like you are experiencing a threading issue that is caused by variance in both our filters and your camera. This happens with about (2%) of our Phantom 3 filters. Unfortunately we are currently out of stock until the 17th of July. If you can wait until then, I will send you out another 3-pack as soon as they arrive. If you can't wait that long and simply want a refund then please let me know. Regardless of what you decide you won't have to return your filters to us. Let me know!


So I ended up telling them I'll wait until the new filters to come out, and that I understand and appreciate the quality customer service. I know some of guys have had bad purchases too from them but they are being professional about resolving the issue and for that they have my future business. Alot of businesses I have dealt with before want you to ship the items back and some even have the audacity to put the shipping cost on you.:confused:

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