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Phantom3P, Microraptor Case, upgrades - $925

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by John Locke, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. John Locke

    Jun 26, 2015
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    Yorba Linda, CA
    In January I crashed my P3P, which I bought in July. It looked totaled so I ordered another one same day and got it about a week later. Bad timing, now I need to sell it, I just ordered a P4.

    My story:
    The night of the January crash I disassembled the crashed Phantom. Although the outside appeared totaled, the PCBs inside looked viable, and the camera was unscathed (camera guard and gimbal protector installed). So I shipped the pieces to Mike Holt in Grass Valley, CA (he repairs drones) to have all the boards and gimbal/camera tested. He said everything was good! $300 to repair it, which included labor, 4 motors, body shell, landing gear, gimbal mounting bracket, gimbal cable, and battery tray. I got it back a week later, just days after my new Phantom arrived. So now that I've ordered a P4 I don't need the new Phantom 3P anymore for backup. It flies great, I've flown it 5 times. I'm keeping my old motor P3P for backup. We've been a lot of places together. I'm kind of fond of my original bird, still flies great.

    These photos below were taken today. The offer includes everything you need fly except a phone/tablet. I equipped this bird the same as my first one to be a backup bird.

    1. Practically new Phantom 3 Pro, 5 flights, never crashed, always hand caught.
    2. 32GB SD card ($16)
    3. 1 battery with 5 charges on it. (stock battery)
    4. Carbon fiber camera guard ($15)
    5. Killer RC gimbal guard ($48)
    6. Inspire aluminum clip base ($17)
    7. Microraptor waterproof hardcase. This case is awesome. ($250)
    8. Windsurfer parabolic reflector range extender (2+miles) ($25)
    9. Extra set of props (stock extras)
    10. High quality USB cable for Ipad ($6)
    11. 100 watt charger (stock charger)

    Today it would cost about $1300 for all of these items, which I deem essential if you own a Phantom 3. Most of it is 6wks old, everything is flawless. $925. Located in Yorba Linda, CA 92887

    P3P in case.jpg Gimbal Guard.jpg Latch.jpg MicroRaptor case.jpg MicroRaptor.jpg RC.jpg Camera.jpg P3P.jpg
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