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Dec 17, 2014
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I would like to add another FPV camera to my Vision. The built in system is ok for telemetry data and framing a shot, but when it comes to actual FPV is rubbish.

I see many FPV cams on the internet, and was thinking of using one of these, but as the Vision uses the 5.8 and 2.4GHz bands I can't see what I would use to transmit the video stream.

Does anyone know of a different frequency transmitter and receiver I can use ?

T.I.A Ump
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From what i understand 5.8 is so common for fpv transmitters/receivers because it works other lower frequencies like 2.4 or 1.2 have long range but poor preview quality. My tip for u that i chose was to enjoy pv2 for what it offer but piece by piece as i could afford put together a p2 w/ go pro, gimble , 5.8 fpv and goggles and use that for fpv experience . Love having both & having multiple birds makes u fly farther safer and more free knowing if i push it to far and one goes down i'll be flying again tomorrow[emoji106]
Dont hold me to this advise. If you cant afford a new phantom but have all the fpv goodies i think you can swap your pv2 transmitter and remote for a part 5 2.4 transmitter and remote (all which u can get on e-bay cheapish) and put on the 5.8 fpv gear .
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