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phantom crash investigation

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by koop, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. koop

    May 12, 2014
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    hello fellow pilots....

    spoiler: pilot error

    sorry for bad English

    I will start by saying I am flying quads from 2012,
    January 2013 ( if I am not mistaken ) I had my first P1.
    ever sens that I have been a DJI fanboy at some days, and a hater in other....
    I had every single release of a phantom till P2 ( P1, FC, P2V, P2, P2 VER 2)
    and I have stooped at P3P ( you could see DJI stock going down because of that :) )

    so by this I want to tell each and every pilot, things can happen !! it is my second crash from 2012
    I know the drills and emergency ones as well !
    but this one was not in the pilot book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the actual events took place last weekend, as I was helping a photographer friend take a wedding gig
    and covering Arial footage.
    don't jump at me, I was taking these shoots while no gusts were in ( big luck, never fly above pepole ).
    any way I was flying to the middle of this big house yard 300meter by 100 meter
    and hovering in place while I am starting to program litchi app to way point flight.

    all of a sudden I hear a buzz, and I see another phantom rushing straight in to my phantom,
    I got panic and start to look around me to look for the pilot, NO ONE THERE !!
    the second phantom was hovering by then right next to mine,
    and I really didn't feel comfortable by that
    so I start yelling " WOW !! WHOS FLYING HERE," but no one replayed.
    I look back to the quad and start making my way down.
    after half of the way back I have start to notice that I am not in control on my phantom
    and the soft input of my stick become hard knoking left right up up up up but my phantom keep going down
    and to the north aiming for a big forest,
    at this point no stick input made any different as I see it go behind a big wall.

    I am rushing to a point which I can take a pick behind it when I see this man
    he looked like the Kettering guy and I am yelling to him
    me: " do you see a copter??"
    him: "yes"
    me: "did it crash??"
    him: "no"
    me: "is it still hovering ??"
    him: " no"
    me: " and it didn't crash ??!??!?"
    him: "no"
    me: " are you sure its on the ground ??"
    him: " yes"
    me: " does the motors spinning??"
    him: " no"

    and that's when I did the most stupid thing in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to make sure the phantom is off

    and I shut off motor's

    now I will tell you what happend !

    when I took my eyes away from my phantom to look for the pilot of the second quad and back to my phantom
    thats when error number one happend
    that was not my phantom !!!!!!
    when I panicked and was desperately were trying to control my quad it was doing what ever I told it and went away
    by the way litchi stooped feeding me with live video for some reason however I did had my HDMI monitor connected as well
    but because of all the mess and litchi stooped feeding me with live video
    and "I can't control my phantom" I was sure it is all one big radio interference and hdmi showing me the other phantom
    when the Kettering guy which happend to be the Idiot pilot told me the phantom on the ground and fail to tell me it was his
    my phantom was 50 meter high and 100 meter away
    when I shut off my motors my phantom become a rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why I call him Idiot, becouse apperently he was 5-8 meters away from me with a wall in between us
    NO WAY !!
    I was up in the air before him, I was right there where he aim his quad for 2 min
    and still he decides to take off with out letting me know ( must be thinking to himself " hahah 2 phantoms ")
    I wasn't expacting this everything happend so quick
    I wasn't taking in consider that I am not looking at my quad, and when you have an out of control quad
    you DO NOT HIT RTH !! specially when some people around
    when you do have out of controll quad and everything happening so fast you do not think why does my monitor show image but phone is not !

    AND THE LAST THING you can not take in consider that you are that stupid for looking at the wrong phantom which catch you un prepared ( no one told me another phantom is going to be there )

    end of story my phantom drops from the sky like a rock and splits in to 6 sections
    2 meters from the groom's father
    leaving me heart broken( I loved my phantom) and so much anger..

    now what do you think ?

    would you be prepared for such a thing?
    would you follow my mistake?
    would you kill that other pilot ??
    do you think it can never happend to you ??
    can you actually understand you can never know how you day would end when flying your phantom

    guys don't think you are gods, anybody can make mistakes, you don't get a 10 mi notification before anything happening to you,
    be careful, try to practice in your head any scenario and how you should behave before each flight
    FLY SAFE........
    #1 koop, Sep 20, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
  2. flyNfrank

    Feb 1, 2014
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    Indy, USA
    I bet you can't say all that backward. lol!
  3. royster

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Mt.Albert, Ontario, Canada
    Other than the tragedy of crashing your phantom, so sorry, That is a pretty funny story!
    Again, sorry for your loss hopefully you can use parts, fix her
  4. koop

    May 12, 2014
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    i can, my boss at work today ask me to stop telling this story to everyone, this min keep olling in my head again and again, can stop thinking how meny times i had the option to get out of this safly in every step of this chain of events...

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  5. koop

    May 12, 2014
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    yex i have orderd parts 240$ and planning on open heart operation, yea its funny, but allso pisses off hw stupid i was and the other guy as well

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  6. koop

    May 12, 2014
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    you know, i asking him panicly about the phantom and he is calm saying everything is ok with out telling me its his quad !!!!

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  7. Quadcopterpilot

    Nov 25, 2015
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    Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
    I think I would have grabbed his and said yours is over there in pieces idiot.
    Funny/sad story, hope you keep flying!!

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