Phantom 3 Standard - Controller Wont Charge - Solid RED Light - No Green Lights - diy FIX

Sep 27, 2017
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(The picture at first is of the drone itself for about 5 seconds)

Than the rest is narration and video of the modifications made to my controller to return it to a functioning state.

The overall point is the outside cover for the on off switch on this particular model of controller is junk.

I am fairly certain that my on off switch was being held in limbo by the outside cover.

Thus resulting in a solid red light when charging but NOTHING when unplugged.


You could probably just return the controller.

Also i noticed there was quite a bit of play in my micro USB port.

So I removed the 2 screws securing it down inside and than allowed it to hang freely from the controller.
Squeezing Slightly on the usb port to return it to its original shape.

I am CERTAIN that the usb port had nothing to do with the drone actually not turning on. It just had a stupid amount of play and would alternate between yellow green and red if you wiggled the charger plug within the port... Now it charges as intended with no play.

It was the toggle switch. I believe that over time and periodical use that toggle switch will develop a bit of play that the designers didn't intend. Eventually if you get seriously unlucky you will happen to flip the internal switch on the outter edge of the cover switch and it will not return on its own without you opening up the controller and refitting or removing the cover switch all together.

I hope this helps someone. This would be extremely unfortunate for someone on a budget or without a warranty.

Anyone else sharpie up their drones when they were intoxicated? :S

Thanks for hanging out! Hope this helps you! Be very careful!


The following is the narration in the video -

Hi and welcome.

I Have a DJI Standard Phantom 3 Model Drone.

My controller refused to charge and when plugged in it gave me a solid red light. with no green lights. As you would wiggle the charger in the port it would alternate between green orange and red. Like the charger port pin outs could have been bad.

When unpluged it would just go dead and be completely unresponsive.

I deducted that it had to of been the power switch or the charger port itself.

upon opening the controller by the 4 screws located in the back. be careful not to damage any of the 3 wires that are attached to the backside of the controller. you may have to unplug these carefully.

you will see that there is a circuit board attached by 3 visable screws and another circuit board is attached to the larger one by a pin to plug connection.

there is a 4th screw under this board.

You have to gently pry the smaller board from the larger board to expose the 4th screw inside.

Note the pin outs on this smaller board and not to damage them.

I removed outside switch cover. As well as the 2 smaller screws that fix the usb port to the controller and allowed the port to hang from the outside of the controller.

Using my fingers i squeezed the port shut a small amount. A very SMALL amount of pressure shaped it back to what appeared to be normal.

returning all the wires to the orginal position and leaving the port hang as well as the cover switched removed, I switched the controller on imediately after returning the screws before attempting to charge. And it magically worked.

Which leads me to believe that the button on this controller model fails.

After removing the cover button the black toggle switch on the inside feels to have enough play in it to allow the cover switch to get stuck on top of the toggle itself. No matter how many times you try to flip it back and forth it will not turn on because the outter cover button has worn out the toggle switch to the point it has enough play in it to just flow on the edges of the switch itself.

I recommend trying this if you have a dji standard controller of the same model and when you plug it in all you get is a solid light with NO other blinking green lights indicating that it may be charging.

If you plug it in and your charger plug has quite a bit of play i recommend letting the plug hang freely from the controller and slightly squeeze the micro u s b port to tighten it up a bit.

Only do this if your warrenty is up. Otherwise you could probably just send your controller in and get a new one. I could have done the same thing but figured i would try to fix it and share the do it yourself ghetto controller fixed.

Thanks for you view if I had helped you please hit subscribe and smash that like button!

Keep it real homies.

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