1. R

    Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  2. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...
  3. E

    A Fix For a Broke Compass Connector

    Hi all, I have a broken compass Connector. It is totally broke off the Main board. I do not have it or the compass wire. Is there a way to fix it inexpensively? I can solder well, if I know what I need and what the pinout is.
  4. quaddamage

    Fix ESC Status Error on Ph3 Pro Ph3 Adv or Ph3 Std

    Follow the steps to fix ESC Status Error on Phantom 3 aircraft. This will let you repair the drone by either replacing the damaged component or fix it on component level. Currently the diagram matches all: Ph3 Standard, Ph3 Professional and Ph3 Advanced. The diagram is oriented towards users...
  5. ToxicGumbo

    Crash Repair (Ongoing)

    Hello, all. New member here. There's certainly no small number of "crash" threads here on PhantomPilots, but I thought I'd add my own story from a different perspective: I'm starting off as someone who found a crashed P3P on Facebook Marketplace and felt the challenge to make it fly again for...
  6. Infinite_parts

    DJI GL300 RC not charging issue - how to fix?!

    Greetings, Pilots! Today I am opening new topic for DJI GL300 remote controller charging issue. Let's discuss varieties of errors and knowledge on - how to fix them. Let's suppose we have a GL300 (A/B/C) remote controller for our P3A, P3X AC. Everything is fine with connection between RC and...
  7. R


    Hi all, This might help someone. Recentley it started to happen, that my DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera started to shake. I tried to tighten the screw on the main shaft, but that didn´t helped. The problem was, (for everybody else that you will find solution faster) screw on the camera...
  8. M

    Phantom 3 Standard - Controller Wont Charge - Solid RED Light - No Green Lights - diy FIX

    (The picture at first is of the drone itself for about 5 seconds) Than the rest is narration and video of the modifications made to my controller to return it to a functioning state. The overall point is the outside cover for the on off switch on this particular model of controller is junk...
  9. Riley Lake

    Maps Problem solution for Go4

    Guys, I stumbled upon this last night, and I haven't seen it anywhere here on Phantom Pilots so I thought I'd pass it along. DJI Mindy has the temporary fix in post #3 of this thread: Temporary Fix for Maps Problem in Go4 Hope this helps everyone out, it got the maps back on my equipment!
  10. M

    Help with new camera/gimbal rig

    So awhile back I crashed my Phantom 3 Pro and the gimbal rig essentially exploded. I bought a new rig and replaced it and the camera wouldn't stabilize correctly and was making a pretty terrible sound. So, I bought an entirely new camera/gimbal setup for the pro, and when I hook it up, the...
  11. See Norway

    Rattling NOISE in propellers - FIX :)

    Bearing or rattling noise when turning your propellers? Here is a FIX!
  12. Z

    P3S fell in saltwater. Can I salvage at all?

    Hey everyone, This is my first time posting here so I apologize if I break any rules unintentionally. I was flying my drone over saltwater when it appears that one of the props flew off. I definitely didn't hit anything and I found it on shore away from the drone. I always go through and...
  13. quaddamage

    Phantom 3 Pro/Adv error codes

    I've noticed there's no such list posted; the Dji Go app always explains what each code means, so it's not as important to have it; anyway, here it is: error 1 error 2 error 3 error 4 error 5 error 6 error 7 error 8 error 9 error 10 error 11 error 12 error...
  14. D

    Indianapolis Drone Repair

    Hi, My name is Daniel Smirnov with Smirnov's Computer Repair located in Carmel. I'm an Informatics Major, have consistently been on the Dean's list, and am TestOut PC Pro Certified. We've been repairing and building all types of tech for years. Be it drones, printers, TV's, computers, you...
  15. Photocopter

    [SOLUTION] Unable to connect with controller after upgrade

    Hi fellow pilots! I am posting here a fix to a linking problem, maybe someone also got stuck there. I was looking for a fix to my issue all over the net but none of the existing posts was helpful. I had an upgrade notification few days ago (since I don't connect my iPad to wifi too often)...
  16. Drestin Black

    Hey DJI: Easy solution to most crashes

    I've been reading a lot on this forum and others. To me, the most common sources of crashes are: actually hitting something due to pilot error and return to home crashes. I'd like to address this second category because there is a very easy solution to it, that can be done via software...
  17. ImJim

    Did the wrong steps when updating P3A

    Hey, My RC is completely screwing up since I tried to update it to v 1.9 three weeks ago. (I'm sure it's because of that) I can't connect my iPhone to the RC, no connection between the RC and the iPhone. I tried everything: backed up the phone and restored it via iTunes twice...
  18. Dramface460

    Had the tilted horizon problem but DJI fixed it

    So most of you know about my camera issue where it was turned to the right about 10 degrees or so. I also had an issue with the horizon view being tilted. I called DJI on July 9th told them about the issue and they asked me to send it in about a week and a half later they repaired it and I just...
  19. D

    Guide: How to fix bricked P3S (FTP range mod)

    Hello!! The P3S range mod that Ojcze Nasz discovered is absolutely incredible, however there are a few people (like me) who managed to brick their Phantoms rendering them useless! I hope no one minds, I've collated the steps into a PDF in the hope that it makes some peoples' lives a little...
  20. wawakool

    DJI GO APP BUG when synchronizing photos. Any one can confirm?

    Since last update of dji go app i am having trouble with photos synchronization after flight can any one confirm if they are having that little bug too Bottom of dji go app when click on editor .. when click on photos it stuck on connect your aircraft to download the photo or it just keep on...