Phantom 3 Pro Uncommanded Camera Roll

Aug 17, 2020
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I rarely fly my Phantom 3 Pro but the last time I did, there was nothing wrong with the drone or its camera. With my Phantom 3 Standard yaw motor apparently on its way out, I dusted off the Phantom 3 Pro and sent it off for a Litchi waypoint flight.

I noticed right away that the camera view would randomly tilt about 30 degrees during flight, giving a severely skewed view of the horizon, before then reverting back to normalcy seconds later. I'd never seen this sort of camera roll before, and it occurred literally every ten seconds, completely ruining the filmed footage. I tried calibrating and re-centering the camera gimbal using the DJI Go app, and while that calibration reduced the frequency at which the horizon tilted out of whack, the behavior continued.

I noticed that when the drone was flying dead straight, the unexpected camera roll anomaly ceased, but when the drone was flying sideways, as is the case when orbiting a point of interest, for example, that camera roll resumed with a vengeance. I have calibrated the camera gimbal three times, but this has not solved this odd behavior, hence my writing here.

I watched a youtube video in which a small set screw was pointed out as a possible culprit. The fix seemed relatively straightforward, but I haven't tried it just yet. In that video clip, the set screw was re-aligned to face the flat portion of a shaft that is supposed to remain stationary as the camera rotates, and simply tightening the set screw after positioning it against the flat portion of that shaft solved the problem.

I would be grateful for any advice as to whether the fix that is described in this video clip is the right procedure to resolve my Phantom s Pro's random camera roll issue. If the solution to this problem is not as described here, any pointers that can be offered would be much appreciated.
Found an even better video describing how to realign the camera shaft before tightening back down the set screw. I'll write back to give an update as to whether this simple procedure proved successful for me.

Just checked the set screw with an Allen key wrench and that screw is fully tightened down. Oddly, the shaft, which I understand should NOT rotate when the camera is pivoted left or right, IS rotating, suggesting a need to slack the set screw, and realign the flat portion of the axle with the set screw before then retightening the screw back. I'll write back when this is done, to update as to whether this technique resolves this issue of the camera suddenly rolling 30 degrees during flight.
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Nice. I’ve 2 P3 Pros. Both unused for a long while since I got the P4Pv2.
But i’ve been meaning to take them out and give them some exercise possibly get them ready to sell. I will definitely check where the flat of that motor shaft is.

I wonder if the PS4 Pro has a similar thing?

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