Phantom 2 Vision or Vision 2+

Oct 18, 2016
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Hi all

I am thinking of getting a Phantom 2, however I don't know which one to go for.

I can't see a direct comparison online anywhere.
Am I right that the only differences are the range, and the gimbal, or are there more major differences.
How much would a second one of each go for on something like ebay?

Also without a gimbal on the Phantom 2 vision what is the video quality like, can you tilt the camera?
Finally with the waypoints mode in the app how far away will the drone be able to fly (bearing in mind the laws in the UK), is it just as far as 40% of its battery life will take it, or can it go further?

Thanks so much


Mark The Droner

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Aug 26, 2015
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I think what you're saying is you want either a Phantom 2 Vision or a Phantom 2 Vision +. Don't confuse these with a Phantom 2.

Both have a gimbal, but the gimbal on the plus is an advanced gimbal which gives much smoother video.

The gimbal on the Phantom 2 Vision moves up and down only, so when the aircraft banks left or right, the horizon tilts. It also doesn't move up and down nearly as smoothly as the plus.

If you're concerned about the laws in the UK, you almost certainly can't fly it out of LOS. So the waypoints range, available through the free Litchi app, doesn't matter. I've heard of the plus going over 4 miles on a waypoints mission.

You would probably be happier with the Phantom 2 Vision +. Besides the advanced gimbal, it has twice the range and has a better camera than the Phantom 2 Vision.

OTOH, for an extra hundred quid, you'd be ecstatic with a P3A.

Hope this helps.
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Oct 31, 2014
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Manchester UK

I have the Phantom 2 Vision with the Rotor Pixel gimbal, and its a great quad, albeit not having the third axis on the gimbal that the P2V+ has does mean that yaw turns are a bit rough but with a slow yaw its still nicely stabilised, the issue with the P2V+ is that you must find at least the V3 version, earlier versions suffered issues with the wifi module overheating but the V3 did have issues with thinner cable on the motors and some were known to come off the solder joints.

The P2V+ is selling for as little as 250GBP on ebay but i would recommend collecting it from the seller and making sure it all works.

A standard P2V can be had for about 200GBP and you can add a cheap 2 axis chinese gimbal for another 50GBP which gives stabilised video.

The P2V+ camera is a bit of a bad design though and can fall off the roll shaft with a hard landing, although their are plastic and metal supports you can buy to help alleviate that issue.

The P2V however is a different beast and ive crashed mine twice from about 200ft up and the camera has survived both falls with no issues.

Which ever you go with make sure you get one with the upgraded transmitter as this has a built in rechargeable battery and a dial on the corner to tilt the camera.

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