Phantom 2 V2 Controlled Wirelessly by Jeti radio via PPM and Lightbridge V1

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Sometimes its nice to fly off-grid so I decided to reprise my Phantom 2s with Hero 4 camera and H4-3D gimbals. The challenge was to get this working with an HD digital video feed, OSD and either Jeti or FrSky radio using PPM - wirelessly (no trainer jack lead to Tx). Took a bit of figuring out.

Firstly I made sure both my Phantom 2's were fully upgraded to the baseline V2 with firmware. This means upgrading the motors and ESCs as well as the Compass unit-cum-legs.

I then hooked them up to Lightbridge V1 using wired PPM initially (this works for Jeti radio and FrSky) and checked it all using Lightbridge Assistant (I wrongly tried the Go app first!!!)

Having used Lightbridge Assistant to check the PPM control signals were getting through OK (it has a viewer for both a gimbal controller and main controller and its easy to get these confused initially) I then set out to make sure the link from the Jeti DC-24 Tx is wireless to the Lightbridge Ground Station. I did this by using two receivers - an R9 in the aircraft for Vox Telemetry (I've 3 Jeti sensors on the aircraft). The other an RSAT2 outputting PPM across a GND and Signal wire connected to the Trainer jack input to the Lightbridge Ground Station. (use the red male jack if its a Y cable). To do this you have to use Jeti's 'Double Path' receiver setup which may be unique to them (this wireless part I haven't done for FrSky, but the wired jack works). 'Double Path' allows there to be bi-directional data exchange between two non (physically) connected receivers and the Tx they are bound to.

Happy to load some pics,videos if anyone is interested.
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