P4P PLUS has a built-in mic. Is screen capture with audio possible?

Nov 19, 2013
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I've searched these forums about recording audio while flying but everything appears to be about recording audio from the bird. Not my goal at all. I'm not even flying; just holding it or setting it on a stand.

I want to make audio notes while trying different camera settings and recording brief clips to see the results. Preferably the audio will be synced with the video. I realize there are plenty of ways to accomplish this: hand write a slate each time, use a separate recorder, etc., but the built-in mic presents an opportunity.

I tested Livestreaming to YouTube, which streamed and recorded audio (and rather glitchy video) just fine. The mic was obviously engaged because icons for a mic and an active meter appeared on the P4P+ display. So I see that as a way out: download the video and let FCPX sync it with the actual video recorded from the air. Extra steps!

But from my limited testing I don't think the controller's mic can be used from within the Go app, which is unfortunate.

Has anyone successfully run a screen capture (with audio) app in the background while running Go on the Phantom 4 Pro Plus, using the built-in mic? Being an Android tablet, can it do two things at once?

Hmm, come to think of it, I would still have to sync the screen cap footage with the air footage to achieve my desired goal. Oh, well, I would still like to know if running the screen cap software is possible.

Thank you.
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