1. NomadJer

    Saving Cached Phantom Videos to ipad - PLEASE HELP!

    So, I was just recently made aware that you can record Audio from the I pad while filming with the Phantom4 Pro V2, but in order to get that footage to the computer with audio attached you need to save the cashed file to the ipad and then transfer to computer. (if you just take the sd card out...
  2. Blessed77

    Audio For Editing

    Hey gang, Audiojungle!
  3. T

    P4P PLUS has a built-in mic. Is screen capture with audio possible?

    I've searched these forums about recording audio while flying but everything appears to be about recording audio from the bird. Not my goal at all. I'm not even flying; just holding it or setting it on a stand. I want to make audio notes while trying different camera settings and recording...
  4. D

    Audio Capture - Phantom 4

    So, I'm a new and excited Phantom 4 Pro owner (I've only been drooling over the Phantom 4 since it came out!!!) and I've been doing a little research. So, the P4P camera does not capture audio. So much the better, makes for more bandwidth to transmit video. But, as someone who is debating on...
  5. Slimbo

    Directional microphone installation: How? Share your opinion

    Hello! Disclaimer: I am aware of the regulations and laws in a lot of countries regarding civilian rights to record both audio and video. I am not interested in legal advice or destructive comments. Thanks in advance. So, have you successfully mounted a shotgun microphone/stereo/omni and if so...
  6. Alex Assenmacher

    Places to get music and audio for your drone footage - free

    Hello Phantomers again! I’ve received in the past few months many many questions asking where I get my music from or the audio effects that I use in my videos and if they are free to use (royalty free) or have creative commons. Well I’ve made this lecture about the websites that I use and to...
  7. Alex Assenmacher

    Audio for your drone footage

    Dear droners, this is a lecture about how important audio is for our footage. Audio is always understood as the "little brother" of video and people usually don't pay much attention to a great soundtrack for their videos. I've taken a deeper view about it and I'm trying in this lecture to show...