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  1. mdh2861

    Jul 11, 2016
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    All, I am developing a little pre-flight checklist that I can go over. I will probably also develop a "post flight" checklist as well. This may seem like a lot of steps, but most of them take only a few seconds to perform. I feel like a lot of "oops" moments can be avoided with simple preparation. I would love to see additions/modifications to my list below.

    1. Visual inspection of P4, body, motors, gimbal

    2. Battery in place with full charge

    3. Propellers in place, secured and properly installed

    4. Trakimo, or other GPS device on & enabled

    5. Visual inspection of brackets/guards holding accessories

    6. Transmitter battery 2 “bars” or above

    7. Transmitter extenders (windsurfers or other) in place

    8. Flight area scanned (google maps?) for highest altitude terrain/objects

    9. Tablet freshly booted with no apps open

    10. Tablet pending updates are disabled (automatic updates are disabled)

    11.Mobile hotspot enabled and tablet connected for google maps access

    12.Current wind speed and forecast < 15 MPH

    13.Aircrat power on

    14.Transmitter power on

    15.Tablet connected

    16.DJI Go (or other) app started

    17.Review of aircraft status for errors

    18. Review of compass status

    19.GPS Satellite signal good

    20.Drone not in “sport” mode

    21.RTH Altitude AGL good relative to surrounding area

    22.Takeoff area is clear of surrounding power lines, location of power lines are noted

    23.Automatic takeoff procedure run

    24.Home point set automatically

    25.Aircraft is ascended to safe flight altitude

    26.Final system check in DJI go for any problems/errors

  2. Hao Nguyen

    May 30, 2016
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    Here's my steps, I use them on both P3 & P4, works great for me.

    • Airframe: Prepare & check
    • RC: Fit iPad, cable & Hood
    • Antennas: correct position
    • Props & Locks: attach & check
    • RC Battery: Check min 75%
    • RC Switches: Correct mode & Gear Down
    • iPad: App running, map cached, Airplane mode, Volume Up.
    • Airframe: Position for takeoff
    • Props: 2nd check
    • Power On: Check battery ~100%
    • Sensors: Compass 1400 – 1599 (on P4: both in excellent, as low as possible)
    • Sensors: IMU +/- 0.1 (on P4: both in excellent, as low as possible)
    • Failsafe: Set failsafe height
    • Satellite: At least 7 sats & safe to fly box
    • Flight Mode: Correct mode selected
    • Start Motors: CSC command
    • Home Point: Blue dot Location correct on map
    • Initial Check: motor sound check
    • Climb: climb to 2m, recheck sensors
    • Control Tests: Test all controls
    • GPS & ATTI Test: Test both modes function correctly
    • Landing Gear: Raise Gear and fly!
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