Mar 14, 2016
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Canterbury, CT
I searched on here and couldn't find the answer...searched google and couldn't find it either. Ok so on our standards in the remote when we do our antenna mods we use the U.FL to sma right? When I look at the ones online for the pro/adv/p4 it looks like a MMCX (and most say mmcx).....I guess my question is does the standard use U.FL and the others (pro/adv/p4) use MMCX or will the MMCX cables work in place of U.FL cables? I spun my cables by connecting and disconnecting my boosters and now sometimes my signal is good and sometimes its not, I checked and its the cables for sure... I emailed DBS mods but have not received a response.....So I need to get new ones but don't which to buy.....or if someone has some for sale let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated
You need eBay item number 141902456299. Bought them for my P3S, and they are of a superior quality to the cables that DBS supply with their antenna.
I use a guy on eBay who will custom make whatever you want if he doesn't already offer it. His name there is wifi_expert.
Cool thanks guys ill check those out. I have 2 if the mmcx i found in the box my sunhans came in. I wanted to try those but i dont want to screw the board up if it was wrong so ill just get the u.fl with the better cable.
wifi_expert is the same person (company) who is selling the cables that I quoted from eBay.

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