1. AvionicsAussie

    Help with Controller Direction to Bird - Standard/Argtek & DBS

    I am basically a new P3S pilot, I am based in Australia and have done the Magic Power upgrade (Best thing ever!) The issue I am having, is keeping the controller facing the drone. 1 small movement (like 1cm) will drop my signal from full to zero and vice versa. I do want to upgrade to either an...
  2. AvionicsAussie

    Any warnings, advice or tips on brand new P3S?

    I am shortly about to unpackage and initialize my brand new P3S, also I am in Australia (CE). But before I go ahead and do so, I would love to hear any advice or tips that may save my butt for down the track. I do plan on modding my P3S, Magic Power?Icarus? DBS antenna and then boosters...
  3. F

    Where to buy my DBS ITELITE?

    Where should I buy my DBS ITELITE? There are some sellers on Amazon, but they look quite sketchy. My dad doesn't want to buy it off eBay either...
  4. chrislongley

    Phantom 3 4k DBS Itelite Antenna Booster Mod Notes

    Last night I spent three hours carefully upgrading my P3 4k with a DBS and wanted to share a few things which might help owners of the P3 4K. Most of the online videos and instructions deal with modifying other Phantom remote controllers. The controller for the Phantom 3 4k has some unique...
  5. tml4191

    Like New MAxxrange f/s Maxxuav itelite DBS Antenna for p3+ p4

  6. CaptainMoonlight

    Specific rig for 4k Range?

    Hi everyone, I'm really really not impressed with the range i'm getting on my P3 4K. Admittedly i can get a good 600+ feet distance and maybe similar height but even in the middle of nowhere it's not good enough. I was eyeing up the DBS mod and i was wondering if the panel is only available to...
  7. Procharged97

    Cheap China Panels (Liehuo) vs. any Antenna!

    Ok, So to start this off this is for all Phantom 3 platforms (since I have a standard) but I know most of you that will use these or others have the adv/pro. I have one rule though...NO BAD MOUTHING COMPANIES OR ANTENNA BRAND/MAKERS ...please. As many of you know there has been talk that these...
  8. J

    DBS ITElite or FPVLR?

    Check out the comparison video below.
  9. Procharged97

    P3S UF.L or MMCX?

    I searched on here and couldn't find the answer...searched google and couldn't find it either. Ok so on our standards in the remote when we do our antenna mods we use the U.FL to sma right? When I look at the ones online for the pro/adv/p4 it looks like a MMCX (and most say mmcx).....I guess...
  10. bernek

    Range Test - P2V + ITELITE DBS-01

    I've done some tests in close vicinity of my home on some hills there I've reached 1100-1200 meters. (~4000 ft). I could have tried a little further but was getting quite a lot of disconnects. All the tests are done with RE500. (I have one RE700 on the way for 1 month already shipped with USPS...
  11. J

    DBSMod: Quick Release DBS Mounting Adapter for Phantom 3 and 4

    I've been working on this idea the last 2 weeks and after almost 10 iterations, I think I have finally nailed it. Once you have screwed in the Mounting Adapter to the DBS long range antenna, you are now able to easily clip it on to the phone holder and remove it within seconds. This has worked...
  12. Ramphex

    MaxxUAV "Clean Install" Installation Guide

    Ahoy hoy! This guide is a still picture version of Jake's video guide that he created, for his "clean install" kit, with a MaxxUAV DBS Antenna. There might also be some super extras bonus pictures at the end :p First of, let's start with the video guide: Step 1: Opening the boxes and looking...
  13. garrock

    For the P4 Owners - Watch Live this weekend - long distance P4

    This coming weekend: Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st Enjoy your early morning cup of coffee as you watch live. Not all at once but when we pop up our "Periscope" through out the morning and let you watch live segments of the activities. You can ask questions and be part of the Swarm...
  14. garrock

    LIVE EVENT! Watch Live from Milestone Place

    This coming weekend: Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st Enjoy your early morning cup of coffee as you watch live. Not all at once but when we pop up our "Periscope" through out the morning and let you watch live segments of the activities. You can ask questions and be part of the Swarm...
  15. K

    Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro Remote Control-transmitter

    Hello all. I have two controllers since I lost my first drone. Luckily, Amazon sent me a replacement drone with everything. They have the best customer service. I flew my first P3A into the ground using Litchie and not taking into account the elevation changes during a waypoint mission. I...
  16. Noble 1

    SOLD****DEAL! P3P Sale Phantom 3 Pro w/ DBS 5+ mile range mod +3 batt $999

    SALE - $999 shipped with original box within a box tracking and insurance! Excellent Condition P3P with LOTS of bonus extras!!! No crashes, hand caught, lightly used batteries! FW 1.4.1 (follow me, poi, waypoints) Stock P3P with original original box; everything included; this is the highly...
  17. D

    DBS Mod is on the way. Any tips would be appreciated!

    Hello, I finally let curiosity get the best of me and ordered a Itelite DBS antenna mod. I've watched several videos on installation, and it doesn't look to difficult. But this is where i'm gonna leave it to the pros of the forum. Are there any tricks that will make this installation easier. I...
  18. GodFear17

    Check this out, ITELITE DBS mod installed in Houston Area

    Check this out, DBS mod and installed for $169 total.

    DBS Antenna - Any Reason NOT To?

    I've been doing some distance flying and getting over 2 miles on my stock antennas but have been considering the DBS antenna. Other than the risk of an issue while installing the antenna, is there any reason NOT to get the DBS antenna?