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P2V Receiver upgrades

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by Count, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Count

    Dec 28, 2013
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    There have been hundreds of pages on talk about upgrading the FPV transmitter and receiver antennas, and the transmitter antenna, and I have completed them all, and am still experimenting with antenna mixes and positions. However, I do not recall seeing anything on upgrading the antenna for the actual control receiver on the P2V.

    I gave it a shot last night, and have a warning. The antenna lead is GLUED to the receiver PC board with a hard black glue (unlike the white silicone used elsewhere). Nearly any attempt to remove the glue or the antenna will almost certainly result in dislodging the entire antenna socket from the board. Thrust me on that; I just ordered a new receiver... Has anyone successfully substituted in replacement antenna leads to the receiver board? I have a few questions if so:

    -The stock antennas for the control receiver have an interesting "buldge" at the end which is mounted to the quad legs. Is this some type of amp? Would the use of this antenna in lieu of the typical straight grey wire antennas in other locations significantly improve transmission/reception more than the stock grey wires (instead of using the large stick and clover and other antennas we are trying?)

    -Do you believe that the antenna converter cable we are using to connect from the TX and RX pc boards to the new antennas will, by itself, be as effective as the stock grey wire antenna?

    -Is there even a need to update the control receiver antenna, or is it adequate as is?

    -It is conceiveable that I could actually have 4 stick or clover antennas on the quad. Can they interfere with each other?

    Any other comments or refrences would be helpful!
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