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P2V+ antenna drop out

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Mods' started by Ryan52589, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Ryan52589

    Oct 10, 2014
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    Hi! I purchased a P2V+ along with Tonys stage 2 kit, after installing the stage 2 kit successfully (no bent wires in RE, good connetion at TX cable etc), i went ahead and order the 2.4 ghz amp, the 5.8 ghz amp, and battery pack. I installed all the amps/wires and find that i have close range video cut out. Sometimes I even lose signal completely and i drop my wifi and my phone goes on to 4G. I use a iPhone 5 for my fpv. Also, Ive tried putting my phone on airplane mode, restarting it, checking connections, making sure I point the antennas in the correct locations (helix at bird, half sphere at bird, and pinwheel directly overhead). I follow the proper start up procedure for the 2.4ghz amp as described by tony. Just curious if anyone has any other suggestions. Drop out usually occurs at extremely close distance and mainly overhead, however it sometimes happens after i boot up the 2.4 ghz amp, i can watch signal drop from 3 bars, down to two and sometimes down to one even when its sitting right next to me on the ground, I use the lowest preview setting too (320x15 fps?). The only thing i could think that it could be is that i do not have the stage 3 antennas on the actual bird itself? (which i ordered from tony and should be here this coming week :) ) Anyways, any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks guys
  2. allemtura

    Jul 9, 2014
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    Stage 3 antennas wouldn't help in this case because it should still work find close up with stage 2 (loads have been fine with this set up).

    Odd indeed... May be worth checking the RE internal connectors are fully plugged in. I say this because I've experienced similar symptoms to you before when I only had the pinwheel screwed into the connector, and nothing in the second one. The video feed continued as you described until I screwed in the half sphere, and then all was ok.

    As with bountyhunter's post, if you can include pictures of your RE install it should help with troubleshooting. Also, as Tony said: "To test if the cables in the extender are both installed right, you can switch the half sphere antenna between the 2 smas and fly with both, and you should get similar distances from both sma connectors."
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