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Newbie question about goggles, tablet, etc.

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by KevinfromUK, May 10, 2015.

  1. KevinfromUK

    Apr 27, 2015
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    This is a bit of an unusual post, since I haven't bought a DJI quad yet - though I've lost 3 Hubsans :).

    If and when I finally get a Phantom 3, it will be for aerial photography, and the kind of shots I'll be after a lot of the time will mean I'll have to get very close to the natural features I want to film - a recipe for disaster if you're as bad a pilot as I've proved to be up until now.

    And so my main question is: would I be best advised to fly with goggles or with a tablet? Which gives you the best chance of getting close to something without crashing?

    The other question I have is a real newbie one, and I apologise if it sounds stupid. At the moment, the only mobile phone I have is a very cheap thing that I got for £25 or so around ten years ago, and my only PC is a desktop one that's even older than that. So I've no smartphone, no tablet, no goggles. If I want to fly FPV, do I need goggles and a tablet?

    Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.
  2. Jacob

    Jacob Administrator
    Staff Member

    Mar 3, 2015
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    When doing aerial filming, I would always recommend the FPV Screen. The issue with goggles is that if you are flying in semi-close quarters to another object (ie: flying over waterfall with tree behind you) there is a good chance that as you are filming the waterfall you will run into the tree by accident. That being said, an FPV screen allows you to keep an eye on your Phantom and live view at all times. If you want a mix of both, check out the Cinemizers or Moverio BT-200's.

    You can get a nice tablet for FPV for $100-$200 depending on preference. With the Phantom 3, I want to say that you upgrade firmware through the app, so no PC necessary.
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