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Jun 10, 2016
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I just bought a P3/Standard yesterday....I've calibrated IMU and Calibrated before testing flight. My question is this; no matter where I'm at it always wants to be in P-Atti mode. Is this normal? I've tested this in my home and outside.
How many GPS sats are locked? If the number is too low you will be set into ATTI mode until there is enough GPS for stable flight.
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I wasn't getting many, like two,,,how many do you usually need for GPS lock?
I think the very minimum for GPS to function correctly and for RTH to work is 6 satellites. I usually get around 10-12 in an open area. Trying flying in an open area like a field and see if that helps.
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I was just a lil worried that the GPS system was screwed up somehow.

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Once it sees 6 GPS satellites it will switch to automatically. But also you need the right switch in top position.
Move to an open area. I try in my back garden and I get 5-6. But when I go to an open field i get 9 and more.
Stay away from buildings and you will get locked on.
Welcome to the club....I just got my P3S yesterday...:)
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Welcome to the club....I just got my P3S yesterday...:)

Nice almost my 10th month anniversary with my baby

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Thanks for all the help you guys, going to an open area tomorrow to test it out.
Yes, you always want to launch in an open area because

1) It's easier to get your satellites, and

2) If your craft RTH's, it will have plenty of open area to come down

Six sats is the minimum for GPS but you really want seven so that when you lose one you won't lose GPS. But as others have said, once you get up in the air, you'll probably gain more satellites anyway due to a decrease in something called GPS elevation mask.

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