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  1. Phantomfreak

    Dec 12, 2015
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    Bought from the Apple Store yesterday.. I was going to order it from Amazon and save the tax, but ultimately I decided it's better to be able to return or exchange it at my local Apple Store than have to send it back if need be.. It's funny the thing I thought most about when considering where to buy it was the return policy.. I never really think if the return policy when I buy things, but with DJI stuff you never know..
    I had three flights so far, (with no problems) all three were between 12 to 13 minutes long, but only used the battery down to 50% each flight. So overall battery life is looking good, I bet ill get 24 minute flights once I fully use the battery. This thing is fast, had it up to 48 mph in sport mode with barely any wind at all, also seems to accelerate faster than the P3 and seems more agile as well. So far I'm liking it!! Still holding on the my P3 pro for now though.. The P4 will have to prove itself a bit more before I would think about selling the P3..
  2. Techcop50

    Sep 25, 2015
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    Aiken, SC, USA
    Sounds promising, mine gets here Friday!