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New Flying UFO on the DelMarVa peninsula

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EliasD, May 21, 2014.

  1. EliasD

    May 13, 2014
    Likes Received:
    DelMarVa peninsula somewhere in the beanfields
    I got my fc40 yesterday but was dealing with emergencies yesterday afternoon & this morning, plus the battery had to charge up, hah. :eek: So, was able to get a couple minutes this afternoon before the storms moved in to start playing, didnt put the camera on as it didnt like the charger I used today, but that was okay.

    I hate the fact that DJI does not give a paper manual, its a pain to try & download it to my ipad then look at it while doing the hookups, plus they do not tell you which screws to use for the camera mount, I'm guessing the smaller pack (the #8's or the pack that has the lessor amount) & the 6's go to the landing skids?

    Anyways, got it basically hooked up after screwing the legs up so I couldnt hook up the compass, sigh. Redo it & then out to the side yard, nice grassy area with no really close trees. Hmm, okay, matching up, green lights, start, up on the left, oh ****, watch out for the stone driveway, more power, yes yes yes! About 3 ft off the ground, not bad, now down, bang, too hard but not damage to the 40 but grass is a touch chewed. Hey, I know, the wild rabbits got to it, hah. :lol:

    Okay, try again, getting the hang of it, watch out for the flippin holly, down again. Walked around to the other side of the house, more trees but not too close. Power up, yell "look out the windows, its a UFO" :lol: :lol:
    Okay, back down.

    Back yard I churned it into the fence but no real damage, couple tiny nicks to the blades. So walked out to the field next to us, no trees if I get away from our woodline, no fences, just rye or cover grass dont know for sure.
    Power up, get it about 5 ft off the ground, hey watch it, too close to me. Power more to put it about 50 ft up, not bad, sent it about 50 ft out, opps red light, battery must be getting low. Brought it on & hovered about 5 ft up & 10 ft away, slowly brought it down.

    Wow, that was fun, dang it, other battery isnt charged up yet. Off to amazon to order a couple more & look for a Zippy 2800 & some 9 in props.

    So, my question is.. where do most of you in the USA get your stuff from? Hobbyking doesnt want me to put anything other than the battery in the basket, not a very friendly site IMHO. Other places that does DJI stuff?
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