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Need some advice on motors & some other stuff.

Discussion in 'Other DJI Multi-Rotors' started by Browneee, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Browneee

    Jun 20, 2014
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    What do all the numbers mean?. Eg what's the difference between a 2806/950KV motor & a 2212/920KV motor?

    Why Am I interested in this? . Well I was bored with my Phantom 1. Just so happened I also dropped it in the water due to an engine failure. Once all dried out and determined the failure, I purchased the DJI E300 upgrade motors and ESC's. I rebuilt the Phantom and she flew great. This is when I got bored..... So I decided to purchased. SkyHero Little Spyder and use all the components from the P1. No brainer it all fitted pretty well. Had one issue as I placed the "mag" compass on the wrong side on the fuselage.

    During test flying without a Gimbal she drifted a little, that's when I figured out the compass was on wrong side. Once rectified and more flight testing with new gimbal she very unstable.

    Admittedly I was trying to save a little coin from purchasing all new NAZA components. Thats why the donor parts from P1. However I'm starting to think either she's unstable cause there actually was some damage to the flight controller or GPS or the motors simply won't cut it and can't Provide the lift required.

    Below is what comes with a little Spyder when you purchase the motors and the ESC. HOWEVER I've used the E300 motors. I don't have a digital set of scales however as best I can work out it weights a little under 2kg's with gimbal/camera & battery installed. I've had a F550 that weighed more than that with E300 motors (ok there was 6 of them)

    Some thoughts I'm having are that if I purchased a Naza lite would that fix the problem ?. Or is she majorly under powered?

    SkyHero Little Spyder

    2806 950KV Motor
    Rapid 600 MHz 40A 6S ESC
    4 x 10" Rotors

    DJI E300

    15A ESC
    2212 920KV Motors
    9.4*4.3 ” Rotors
  2. kitari

    Jun 18, 2014
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    Paris, TN
    Re: Need some advice on motors & some other stuff.

    OK, so let's start by taking the 2806/950kV motor. The first set of numbers varies on meaning depending on the manufacturer, but it's usually a reference to the physical motor size. The second set of numbers is the voltage rating of the motors. So a 2806/950kV motor is rated at 950 kilovolts, or 950,000 volts. Now, don't quote me on this last part, but I remember reading somewhere that you get roughly 1 rotation per volt, so with a 950kV motor, it should be able to spin up to 950,000rpms (rpm=rotations per minute).
  3. darwin-t

    Apr 28, 2014
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    Re: Need some advice on motors & some other stuff.

    The last number is the RPM per volt, so a 950KV motor would spin at 9,500 rpm at 10 volts. A 2200KV motor would spin at 22,000 RPM at 10 volts.
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