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Nov 8, 2015
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San Diego
Been flying the Phantom 3 P For several weeks now, but for the life of me cannot seem to figure out what the vertical dots on the right side of the screen represent. I've see several tutorials that describe the screen icon maps, but noth
phantom dash.gif
ing on this.
Circled is the representation I'm talking about. I know it is something that should be intuitive, but to me it's not.... Any help here?
phantom dash.gif
up and down for camera
While on this subject, how do you get the dots all the way to the top? I thought that there was 120* of camera movement? I can only get to 90*

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up and down for camera
Thank you! I thought it must be some sort of altimeter (which seemed logical) or another battery condition report (redundant of course) and could not seem to do anything to change the scale report. Is there anywhere that DJI points this out, that I missed?
@Coon You have to go into advanced gimbal settings, I believe, as 30* of movement increases the chance of props/arms in your shots.

And, yes, it is a meter to gauge your current gimbal tilt.

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