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Apr 2, 2015
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Took a chance and ran her up to a grand yesterday...

First battery went without a hitch, and the view is amazing!

Second battery, well she just didn't want to come down. I used nearly the entire battery on the decent. First VRS scared the living s--- out of me. Then had a few more VRS-bouts on the way down, between 800' and 500' AGL.

I was traveling a steady 18-20 mph forward during the entire decent, and my VS was at or about 1-2 ft/sec. So I'm confused as to why I was still getting the VRS-shake. Any ideas?

Video to follow...
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Good train of thought .... Forward motion and decent at same time, decide the rate of normal devide by two as 1/2 the energy is in going forward. For a faster decent only down. Just my two cents. Youraw!
As promised... this is the first battery.

Still working through some Dashware functionality when I posted this...
Hey DDS !
What App are you using to get that telemetry on your video? Also what record app are you suing? I never saw that kind of info on any screen ! Very Cool !
Ken's "DJI Ultimate Flight w/GS" app on android. Spits out the the telemetry to use in dashware. I think the work these guys do is nothing short of phenomenal.

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