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Moving from P2V to P2+ GoRPo

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by Sledge, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Sledge

    Nov 19, 2013
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    I am going to purchase a Phantom2 Pro Pack from Aerial MediaPros and install my GoPro Hero 3 Black. I also own a P2V.

    Can you guys help me with some questions?

    - Is there significant latency with the FPV video? I thought I heard 5 seconds....this seems really late!

    - Does the P2 not work with a smart phone like the P2V? (they offer a separate monitor with this package)

    - anyone have experience with the quality of the video and photographs on the Hero3B compared to the FC200?

    - Can you control the tilt and yaw of the H3-3D with the Futaba 14sg they are supplying?

    - Will the setup on this systems give me better range than the P2V?

    - do you really have to initiate the photo burst or video before sending the bird up in the air?

    - flight time different than the P2V?

    - Any other notable differences to the P2V?

    Thanks in advance! Dave
  2. goldfishrock

    Jan 7, 2014
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    Devon, UK
    I've seen lag that bad using the GoPro wireless.... but you can't use that on a P2. My FPV setup has a fraction of a second lag, it's hardly noticable.

    No! And don't be tempted to try it. The P2V controls are operating on the 5.8G frequency to allow the camera to transmit on 2.4G. The P2 control is at 2.4G so if you enable the WiFi you'll quickly find you've got a very irratic P2 on your hands. On the P2, video is handled at 5.8G

    Personally I think the quality of the GoPro is pretty good. The video is good enough to take still frames from if you wish and the fisheye distortion on the GoPro is easily sorted in a graphics package. I've not seen anything from the FC200 so can't make any comment on that.

    I don't beleive that you actually control the yaw of the H3-3D, just the tilt? I may be wrong. Either way the 14SG has at least two rotary inputs so it would be more than capable of controlling if needed.

    This is quite a subjective topic. There are lots of P2 pilots out there who have got 3+ km range from their P2 on stock radio gear. The Futaba 14SG is their flagship model so is going to be mroe than up for the job.

    Yes. At the moment there is no way to control this from the ground.

    About the same

    Hope that helps.....?
  3. Sledge

    Nov 19, 2013
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    Much thanks!!!
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