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Jun 23, 2016
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Just wondering what the specs or part number on the stock motor's on the phantom 3 standard.
And should I upgrade or keep it stock
Upgrade isnt as simple as for a lot of diy RC. The ESC are actually true RMS drive and it seems the "tuned propulsion system" claim in the DJI marketing blurb has merit. Its unlikely you will find an alternative motor that gives you any improvement in flight time or performance. Especially given the flight controller uktimately determines the perfirmance limits (we should comfortably assume wverything has been optimised for us during design and developement).
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ok but what about the motor number for the phantom 3 standard, ya so this is what happened a little bit sand got into 3 of my motor's and they won't turn, and really I got alot of mileage out of them. so I just need the motor number or the part number or how do I go about ordering the right motor's for the phantom 3 standard model # w321. thank you
According to part lists the motors are the same as the new motors on p3 advanced and pro. Confirm with your vendor of chice and order away.

Have you thought about dissasembling the ones you have to remove the sand? Bearings are sealed so you should be able to pull them down and clean them.

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