P3_4K doesn't initialize

Feb 23, 2024
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Crashed my P3 4K. Broke the roll arm, roll motor and flex cable on the gimbal. Camera separated from drone. Also found one rotor motor hard to turn by hand. While waiting on repair parts discovered that now when I turn on drone the drone does not complete self test. It sings it's musical startup beep beep beep beep song. Obviously camera doesn't move since it's not there. Only light is the pairing/frequency light which is green. No running lights on the arms. Cannot connect to RC. Relinking fails multiple times.

I'm wondering if motor problem may be the issue. It's supposed to be able to fly minus gimbal and camera. I haven't opened chassis but will inspect when new motor arrives tomorrow. Any suggestions?
Oohh sounds like bit of a impact,I dont think self test complete without cam or arm lights ,motor might not be round anymore and holding something close next to it while turning by hand will show a high and low spot when turning the motor ,I've bent 1 myself,
Its possible that fine soldered components on the main board can break free from impact and same for linking button itself,if its green it should be talking to remote , can you feel link button work,
Linking fail it will flash red , hard to comment till it's open about no arm lights ,that could be flight controller in centre of board,hard to remember the inside of my p34k ,its been a while
Yes can fly without cam , but if unlinked ,did any wires get pulled that run under drone to gimble, they plug to main board and you will see when open,
When you open post some pics and then we know what direction to go for advice
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I do agree there's a lot goin on here before cost comes into play and can out weigh what it's worth.
If money not tight I'd look around for 2nd and keep yours for spares ,well salvageable spares.
When they get like this it's a gamble if new parts work,its like chasing a demon but wont know till your in their .post pics if unsure ,best of luck I be watching

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