Monetising your youtube videos. Interesting information from the CAA.

Feb 29, 2016
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So, in my quest to find an answer to a question I had in another post I discovered something interesting. I had an email back from the CAA in regards to my question of using a portion of my friends drone footage, which was provided to me by him for free for me to use in a dvd production that I intend to sell. I wanted to make sure he won't get in trouble. They didn't really answer my question but provided links to the CAA website and attached a PDF. Ill stick it here too. In a nutshell, after reading through it, I spotted this part in regards to aerial work:

Whilst every case should be judged on its own merits, some types of arrangements are not generally considered by the CAA to be aerial work:
  • Advertising revenue received as a result of persons visiting a website or social media page where video or photographic stills shot from a drone are displayed/posted. This is because these types of web-pages may be legitimately used to post recreational video material that was not commissioned by another party, but was conceived and wholly funded by the poster. This would not apply if the photographic material had been directly commissioned by another party for the purposes of display or marketing on their website.
So, to me this clearly says if I have a drone and shoot footage recreationally, content that is captured during that flight can be used on websites where advertising revenue may be received from said video by a monetised process.

Whats your take on this?


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