Feb 5, 2016
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This is the #1 feature that I am loving on the MAVIC.... TRIPOD MODE. Here is what it is:

"There is also a new Tripod Mode that drops Mavic Pro’s maximum speed to just 2.2 mph (3.6 km/h) and reduces the sensitivity of the control inputs, to allow precision positioning for photography as well as to make it easier to fly indoors or in other confined spaces."

I fly several Phantoms and a Yuneec Typhoon H. The best video that I have ever shot is easily on the Typhoon H because it has a "Turtle mode" which reduces the speed and movement of the drone as well as the sensitivity of the controls. If you want Hollywood style movement and pan shots, this is the ticket. Most pilots ignore it because they think it is "beginner flying mode" and they end up with the typical video showing their flight course correction and not so smooth pans.

The MAVIC is small and will show abrupt movements in the final video especially if it is fighting against the wind. The GoPro Karma has already been reported (in some reviews) to produce abrupt movements when the craft is panning and gimbal is moving up/down in flight. You really have to be soft on the sticks and it takes some practice. However, since the DJI MAVIC has "TRIPOD" mode, it should be super simple to get those amazing cinematic slow moving shots & pans with no sudden jerking when flight course correcting or following a subject (moving the drone while at the same time moving the camera).
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Is it my understanding that say, on the p4, that you can adjust gain sensitivity or put a curve on your joystick movements to get similar results?

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Outstanding! What a great feature that I could surely use. Most of my vids are fast and choppy and lack that slow "hollywood" style. Hopefully this will help in my productions, I can't see how it could hurt [emoji851]

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