tripod mode

  1. Zorro

    Something new! Flying inside a forest between the trees!

    Wanted to make a different kind of dronevideo this time, and have thought long about learning to fly in tight areas and get more closeup filming. And flying inside a forest between the trees and among the treetops was the first video I wanted to make. Asked around in forums for best AND safest...
  2. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO - Intelligent Flight Modes EXPLAINED

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  3. CaptainDrone798


    This is the #1 feature that I am loving on the MAVIC.... TRIPOD MODE. Here is what it is: "There is also a new Tripod Mode that drops Mavic Pro’s maximum speed to just 2.2 mph (3.6 km/h) and reduces the sensitivity of the control inputs, to allow precision positioning for photography as well...