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Manual mode flight test

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by w824gb3, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. w824gb3

    Jul 14, 2014
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    I decided to fly manual mode last night just to get a feel for it in case I ever need it in an emergency (have read it may be a possible way to arrest a GPS error type flyaway).

    I got it into a hover at about 20m height in gps & then switched to manual. With the throttle stick in the centre the P2 lost height quite quickly until corrected. My P2 has the h3-3d gimbal, go-pro & mini iosd fitted so it is a fair bit heavier than standard. Maybe this is the reason it dropped. Anyway once corrected on the throttle it was still quite easy to hover making slight corrections to the other controls to counter the light breeze at the field.

    After getting used to it for a short while I gained a little more confidence in moving it around the sky in manual. Small movements are needed because this thing is quick to pitch & roll. Once its tilted it does not self correct. If unchecked it will slide away & lose altitude. Increasing the throttle to maintain altitude will also quickly increase the speed in the direction of the “lean”. So you have to be quick on the sticks to check any unwanted “lean” before it shoots of in that direction.

    After a while I decided to try flying circuits around my flying field. It was possible but a couple of times I had to bail out by flipping the switch up to atti when I felt it was getting away from me. Orientation is difficult. The rear LED’s do not flash or light up at all in manual mode, making orientation even harder. I did have my fpv screen on but hardly dared glance at it.

    My background is many years flying RC fixed wing so I am not a complete beginner. After this test I think I could get my P2 home in manual mode if it decided to fly away but only if it hadn’t got so far away that I couldn’t see it. I doubt I could fly it manually via fpv without a lot more practice.

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