Main controller or Gimbal problem?

Jun 11, 2016
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Crashed my P4. Had a bunch of ESC errors. A member suggested I check the cables, and he was right, there was a cable that had come out of one of the ESC boards.
Now no errors, but bird has a problem holding its altitude. The higher I go, the worse this becomes, higher than 30m, it's altitude can drop or increase by 5m or more before it corrects itself.
I assume this is the pressure sensor on the main board, so I will replace that.

But my other problem is the gimbal.
On start up, it doesn't straighten itself, unless I help it, then it's fine.
During flight, mostly it's fine, but then it has a slight "stiff" response when it's correcting itself. On one test flight, it fell completely down on the right and would not correct itself, and I got a "gimbal motor overload" message. Can this also be a main controller issue or is it a gimbal problem?

I don't want to replace the MC, only then to still have to take the drone in for repairs.
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Apr 22, 2016
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South Eastern Michigan
I only have one idea about the gimbal because the same exact thing happened to me. Check the ribbon cable on the gimbal/camera. There is very little clearance between the ribbon and the camera when it's doing the dance. If the ribbon has become "unglued" where it is stuck on to the gimbal and moved out of position, even just a little bit, the camera will hit the cable as it's doing the dance. This happened to me; it would sort of get "stuck" and if I helped it with my finger it would finish the dance and be ok. If this happened after a crash, that's what I suspect.

I ended up buying some two sided scotch tape, (the thin kind, not the foam kind) and re-attaching the ribbon in it's proper place(s). Keep in mind it is pretty difficult to attach the tape without removing the ribbon, but with care it can be done! I had to hold it out of the way, stick the tape to the gimbal, then remove the backing off the tape and re-stick the ribbon.
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