lowest prices on FPV components (links)

Soar said:
Thanks for pulling this together, it has been incredibly helpful. I am piecing together my first FPV kit, based on the info in this thread.

It looks like the Black Pearl is now $229 at DPCAV. Most places have it for $229 but there is a shop on Amazon that sells it for $199 + $6 shipping.

I found another receiver kit on Hobby King. It is currently on back order, but it's only $131.56 if you wait for the better deal prompt.

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... ttery.html

Any thoughts on how this compares to the Black Pearl... is the Black Pearl worth the extra money, does it have better range, etc.? And will it work with the SkyZone TS353?
I couldn't get my black pearl to work at all, probably because of faulty fpv cable. Went with exact setup described in detail (generic TS353 generic 5802 and the pentalobes) and worked oob. On channel 8, I got 150m with stock antenna. I still haven't reached any snow on screen with the pentalobes. Im eternally grateful for this thread as I wasted a month (and my winter holiday) on immersionrc and black pearl.
Are you blaming the IRC and Black Pearl on a faulty FPV cable..?
dptcalvin said:
Are you blaming the IRC and Black Pearl on a faulty FPV cable..?

In this case, yes because I tried two different IRC and couldn't even get a signal. The seller insisted that the cable was tested before shipping and was going to charge a fee if it was returned working. After all the hassle was going to give up on fpv for awhile but I followed the OP on the recommendations and worked out of the box.

IRC and BlackPearl do work fine together from what I've read but its better to get the 7 channel BP if you can. I'm glad I went with the poster's recs because I saved a lot of money and had a flawless experience. Wish I had listened in the first place. From my experience the antenna make all the difference and not the power of the transmitter (which will also drain your LiPo quicker).
I just want to thank the OP of this thread. I followed this thread to the letter and my FPV system could not have been any simpler to set up and work more perfectly. I went with the following:

Boscam 5802 + wall charger
ImmersionRC 600
iOSD mini
FPV PnP cable (this made life so easy)
The first premium antenna package for $110 and had the newer one been available when I ordered I'd have gone with that
RaveAerial monitor mount

I'm in it for about $425 and it is worth every penny.

I haven't tested all 7 transmitter channels to find the absolute best one because it is so cold here, but the two that I have tried have been excellent with no lines in the video feed out to the 1000 or so feet away that I have flown. As the weather improves I will test all 7 channels and find the one that works the absolute best with my setup. So far though I am very impressed and this thread on here was a life saver for me to help avoid trial and error. :cool:
my pleasure. according to this chart that's been floating around for a couple years, your IRC600 has very little variance from channel to channel, but I'd stick with channel 1 or 2


Just reading this thread for first time. Nice community service by you on behalf of FPV noobs. You will go to Drone Heaven for your work here. :D

I saw a question earlier on that I don't think anyone answered: what is max range you are seeing with the recommended setup? Assuming best antennae, proper install, etc.?

Second question: if one wants to add Fatshark goggles and DVR to this base config, I assume the best path on the goggles is go IRC on the VTx, and pick up one more quality antenna for the goggles. What about DVR? Known quality low-price recorders where cabling with your recommended LCD is not a nightmare?

I have a *high* priced FPV setup that works well, including great range (up to 4km), but it's been a year since I spec'd it and set it all up. Lilliput 664W screen, IRC Duo receiver, good antennae, DVR, Fatshark Attitude SD's, and some soldering of cables to get the Duo to feed DVR and either of Lilliput or goggles. I am tired of schlepping it back and forth between US and Mexico, and about to clone the entire setup, but wanted to see if there is a long-range-capable, good visibility-in-the-sun, goggles+LCD+DVR solution that I should entertain other than the above.

Thanks for any input based on recent experience and success.


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