Lost my P2 Vision+ near New Hudson, MI in 2015

Mar 29, 2018
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Anyone ever find a P2 Vision+ near James F. Atchison Memorial Park in New Hudson, MI ??

I was launching from the park on June 6, 2015. I remember sitting in my car in the parking lot on the top hill of the park and listening to live broadcast of American Pharaoh winning the Triple Crown for the first time in 37 years! I was excited and pumped up from that glorious achievement so I decided to attempt my own personal long distance flight record with my P2V+ that was equipped with the FPVLR bi-amp kit. My record up to that point was 2.4 miles and I was determined to beat it because of the inspiration of American Pharaoh coursing thru my veins.

Sadly --- my enthusiasm overcame my common sense and I flew my bird out too far and it didnt make it back. I had to hit RTF when I lost signal around 2.7 miles out and then I could do nothing but watch telemetry tick down the feet as it flew home. Distance got down to around 1200 ft. to home but battery was down to 3%. For some reason, I wasn't hearing the props which I usually do when it gets within 400 feet or so. So all I can assume is that it already crashed or was veering off course on the RTF flight. I spent about 3 hours walking around the park looking for it and also the Walmart plaza that's right next to the park but no luck. Went back the next day and explored the wide banks of I-96 which runs east-west by the park, and also some woods and an open field north of the park. After about 4 hours of mucking around in weeds and woods, I finally gave up --- my bird was GONE :(

I did buy a P3 Pro in August of that year so I quickly forgot about my lost P2V+. However, I did have some footage on the micro-SD card in the P2V+ that I never backed up to my hard drive so I'm holding out hope somebody finds my lost bird and maybe I can still recover that footage.

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