lost and found p2v

Jan 29, 2018
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just to share the info, yesterday I ve experienced "connection broken" message in the middle of the flight, immediately switched s1 down forgetting that I have set it to manual flying. Few seconds after that I realized the mistake and turned RC off hoping that P2 will come home but briefly after that I could not hear the motors any more and it was over the dense forest. At least I believed it was there.

So next hour I ve spend in searching around but with no luck, had no previous experience so I was just hoping that I will find it somewhere where I assumed it ended. Was checking "where is my phantom" option in the DJI App but it seemed too inaccurate to me so I wasnt take that seriously. Since I had connection with phantom I ve installed wi fi checking app hoping that I wil be able to read the signal strength, realized much later that I could just measure signal from phone to remote (dumb me ....) and not to phantom.

I was about to quit after hour of wandering around because it was not much before the night. Decided to give "where is my phantom" a try despite my disbelief about the accuracy of that... 30 minutes of walking later phone reported that it - connected to phantom o_O (it was weird, despite that phone claimed that I was connected to phantom all the time I could not see the camera picture or read any data) and could see the camera finally! Realized that its in the grass (and not on the tree, what a relief!) and that I could maybe find it. Following the app I came close enough to hear its motors buzzing, it was stuck in the grass, upside down and motors were tying to spin still. Had less than 25% of battery. If I was a bit late it would went off and probably I would miss it.

It was 200m from the place where I was looking for, I believed it was in front of me but somehow it managed to fly over me to reach the place behind me... Dont know how, I wasnt hear the motors passing by, it was above the forest in front of me when sound disappeared ... Even more amazing nothing was broken, it was just like P2 was trying to land there and turned upside down because of some branch or uneven surface.

So, wanted to share the info that app and "where is my phantom" option in the settings of the DJI app really works despite the lack of functionality - you dont see the distance, or heading so you have to move around to see are you getting close or far from the drone. Its good and useful but I hope that you ll never need it.

Have many problems with this P2V but we re still together and its still alive.

Good luck.
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Oct 31, 2014
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Manchester UK
had a similar issue, but even tough i could connect to phantom wifi all i got was phantom connection broken, the fiind my phantom part of the app wouldnt show anything at all, result, a lost quad

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