Which (Inexpensive) Remote ID Module to Get???

I think it's kinda like flying BVLOS or flying without an FA number, etc. If you don't get caught, great. If you do, they'll get you for that plus anything and everything else they can come up with. What is it - potentially $11K per violation? I think I'd pay the $60.
I'd be glad to pay 60.00 or so to comply. I saw 200.00 which is steep.
If the FAA wants to catch somebody just go on You Tube 95% of the video are BVLOS. I hope they keep delaying it.
So, has everyone decided on which third-party remote ID module (RID) to get for their Phantoms?

Is there an inexpensive option in the $50 range? I watched a video comparison and the cheapest one was like US $160 or something like that.

Thans in advance.

Also, if anyone has heard anything OFFICIAL abour a grace period. about a week ago there were RUMORS that there would be a grace period / delay, as the FAA is backlogged with the FRIA approvals and manufactures were struggling to provide RID modules. But they were just rumors and I haven't seen anything official yet.

Thanks in advance.
Don't know if you already got one, but Cinnamon's new RID module got approved, and they have a module for $68 and one for $79 so they are the cheapest options right now. Here is their website:

Affordable Drone Remote ID — Cinnamon
the Holy Stone is super easy and cheap. Mine fell off and I found it with a tracking app, so there is that

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