Jerky altitude changes with Autopilot waypoint missions

Jan 13, 2017
Not sure when it started in relation to upgrades, but waypoint missions don't have smooth altitude changes anymore. I used to think it was my iPad mini 4 just not having enough CPU after Autopilot updates. But recently I used my iPad to fly my brothers Mavic and the altitude changes were super smooth. Before I could connect to the Mavic though I had to update AP. I thought maybe that solved the problem but it's still there.
iPad mini 4 iOS = 11.1.1
DJI GO 4 App - 4.2.6 (though not running)
Autopilot - 4.7.191
Aircraft - 1.05.0600
Controller -
Precise Database, aircraft and app -
Basic Database -
FWIW I'm unable to update the database, keeps failing. But this problem has been with me for several months now, long before the DB issue.
Anyone have any clues?

edited to include correct app versions.

Edit: forgot to mention I use the "working" flight plan I used with the Mavic, did a save as, then flew the P4P and the jerky altitude changes were still there.
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