Is the Spark a Fizzle


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Jan 8, 2014
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A new and cheaper drone attracts a lot of inexperienced users and there are reports that some "flew away"
The article says: While it’s unclear if the DJI Spark fly-away issue is confined to a few faulty units, or even if the problem is a result of user error, DJI is investigating.
With inexperienced users, there are going to be quite a few that lose their drones and almost all would be a case of user error if experience from investigating the flight data from hundreds of lost Phantoms is any guide.
It's not surprising that some are being lost and the common explanation is that the drone just flew away.
That's what people say when they don't understand enough to realise what caused the incident.
The article also says: Fly-aways are a common issue with unmanned aerial vehicles, often caused by losing connection with the controller
This isn't true at all and shows that the author's knowledge of drones is minimal.
Lost signal doesn't make a drone fly anywhere - it will just hover and then RTH (unless the wind isn't too strong, battery too low or obstacles are in the way etc)
How is this different from any other of there products ? I mean realistically I bought 1.1.1 flew it a few times and put it in the closet because I could not come to grips with the fly away reports. I saw one and knew of three others.
If your experience is from back in the P1 days, technology has come a long way since then.
Ever since the P3 series, it's possible to investigate the recorded flight data to find the actual cause of incidents.
Investigating lost Phantom incident data shows that Phantoms don't just fly away.
In the old days, anyone that lost their Phantom would say it just flew away and people believed them because no-one could look at the data to see what really happened.
It became a thing and people believed the myth.

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Nov 17, 2016
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South Florida they say...wait till the 5th or so update till the bugs get found and ironed out.

And that's with any expensive tools... spouses!

I'm also an avid R/C Helicopter pilot and I won't buy a newly released model till the report come in and the manufacturer fixes the "tested reports". It's just inevitable there will be issues, and they won't be found till you put it through the public test.

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