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  1. S

    Phantom 4 PRO v2.0 fly away - saved but still crashed - please help understand

    Hello Guys, Brand new P4P v2 bird flies away. I am pretty sure it's at least partially my fault but I need info from you guys. In short my side of story is simple. I unpacked and put my bird on the top of the mountain I climbed on and set it up. GPS had some 13-14 GPS satellites locked in...
  2. S

    Ohhhh I'll Fly Away...

    Today my greatest fear concerning my PS3 came to fruition: signal loss and ultimately lost the drone. I was out the Cascade Lakes Highway in Oregon near Devil's lake getting some footage of the Cascades. I was using Litchi and had just completed doing a simple panorama. The bird was up around...
  3. Kissthesky

    Fly away

    Help... I took my drone up only for an instant. I tried to put it in one of the autonomous modes and it took over itself and went haywire! I tried correcting to get it back to me just to land it but it ended up doing a FlyAway! Now I can't find my brand new p4p that I just bought two weeks ago...
  4. S

    Please Help!!

    We took our P3P of for a flight today, first time in about 3 weeks. We started her up, calibration done as usual and sent her up. She was up for bout 2 ni s, at a night of about 25 meters and above a river. The controller the stated “Landing”. No buttons had been pressed! We tried to cancel the...
  5. John in JAX

    Fly-A-Aways with P3S

    Good Afternoon All, Waiting for Christmas day to "officially" receive my new P3S, and I am home sick, So digging threw the forums. I noted stories of DJI Mavics and I assume Phantoms too, have been lost. Some of the stories can be attributed to weather, GPS/RTH, but very few operator errors...
  6. sudarwika_bali

    Help! Another Phantom 3 Advanced Issues???

    just curious what was happened with my Aircraft? anyone can explain this?
  7. nole1988

    It just flew away! - <correction> it didn't fly away at all.

    I am an experienced pilot with hundreds of flight hours and several drones including the P4 and Mavic Pro. I am not asking for advice but merely telling the story for your own information. I was in beginner mode for a quick photo shoot over a marina. After a few minutes of good flight, the...
  8. David Cooke

    NO-FLY Logic Flawed

    I posted UNLOCK NIGHTMARE a couple of days ago. This is a followup but not about the nightmare itself. I think I've figured out the DJI No-Fly logic . . and it's flawed. If you get them (DJI) to UNLOCK your P4 for a certain location, they expect you to take-off from INSIDE that restricted zone...
  9. skiptv

    Is the Spark a Fizzle

    DJI investigates after Spark users report fly-aways and unexplained crashes
  10. A

    Litchi Mission Fly Away

    I've flown many missions without a problem, but today after uploading the mission my quad just took off in another direction. The night before I loaded the exact mission and it did exactly as planned with around 7 way points, so when I went to fly the same route today I was confident that it...
  11. Skyler King III

    Phantom 4 Pro Fly Away on the way ro a Litchi Orbit Mission

    Don't we all like a HAPPY ENDING? I had a flyaway on my Phantom 4 Pro using Litchi, practicing "corkscrew", orbits with increasing radius and altitude. But I didn't get that far. BTW, latest firmware, very recent compass calibration at same point etc. Excellent Weather and KP was 2. It started...
  12. D

    P3A Fly Away w/Flight Log Link

    Hi poster here and will try to summarize what I can. I'm not actually the flight operator, I'm the girlfriend that bought the drone for the flight operator last xmas (2015) and he is besides himself that his drone flew away on him yesterday. (I read that a lot of you get depressed...
  13. David Rodwell

    What To Do In A Dire Emergency

    I am beginning to use Litchi and of course DJI Go. I am concerned that I don't know what to do in case of "Dire Emergency"! So...if in the middle of a Litchi "Way Point" run or a DJI GO "POI" execution, my P3P heads for the mountains or begins doing something seriously wrong, how do I stop my...
  14. Velocity7

    My Phantom 4 Just Flew Away....

    I was flying with my kids a few weeks back and I was maybe 1000 ft out and in the hills outside of town when my P4 stopped responding to my commands and rth didn't initiate automatically. We stood there and watched as it flew back over the city and within minutes went down and out of sight...
  15. lone droner

    DJI P4 pro + / active track , she tried to fly away on me ... ?

  16. H


    Our DJI drones are controlled by either Android or iOS apps located on a device either made by Apple or one made by the PC-type manufacturers. Shouldn't mention of which one is being used be included in a post requesting help? There may be problems dealing specifically with only one of those...
  17. meierjoe

    Phantom 3 Standard Fly Away. Where is it ?

    Hey everyone, today something terrible happened. My Dji Phantom 3 Standard flew away. I was filming some really nice empty buildings in east Germany from outside and I wanted it to return to home but somehow it had another RTH point. It logged 2 flights even though i did only one. Then it just...
  18. B

    Find Drone Website

    I have not used this so this is not a recommendation, but if you have lost your drone (or found one) then you may want to know about this website: The best place to find your lost drone
  19. H

    Is DJI warranty also a phantom?

    My drone was about 50 feet directly overhead with a good connection. Suddenly the connection was lost and I had a flyaway. It crashed about 1/4 mile away with bad results. I sent it in to DJI for a warranty repair- I thought. Their analysis was the following: " Customer didn't cancel the...
  20. X

    Always fly with a tracker onboard.

    Flyaways do happen..... Regardless of system failure or pilot error, many will find themselves experiencing that sinking feeling when your Phantom drifts off on its own. Most commercial pilots use our Marco Polo trackers on every job. Watch our video at and see the Marco Polo...