Installed - Ublox M8N Glonass GPS / Compass

Oct 26, 2019
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Finally installed my Ublox GPS.

Install was easy and djisquare helped a bit. I'm getting upwards of 16 sats now. (better than my P3)
Lock on time is no better tho. Sill about 60 seconds.

A few installation notes from my install.....

1). Be SURE to reinstall the OEM shielding that covered the OEM compass even though you will probably install the Ublox ontop of the P1. Without it, the GPS will get too much interference from the Naza.

2). After installation, it can take up to 20 minutes for first lock on. This is due to the nature of GPS devices that have never been initiated in a particular region or have been dormant for a long time. Lock on times will drop dramatically the more you use it in your home area.

3). You can completely remove the original Compass. The Ublox M8N has built in compass.

4). I installed the device on top of my P1 using two way tape and made a small precise pass through hole using a dremel tool.

According to some GPS related sites, after your receiver finds a new signal, it needs to listen for 30 seconds to receive current ephemeris data (which describes exactly where the satellite is located) for EACH NEW SATELLITE. If the signal is lost during this time, the process for that particular satellite needs to start again. But some GPS receivers have technology that caches satellite data which can considerably shorten sat lock times. 3.5 minutes for 7 satellites w/o expediting routines.

So I feel much better now knowing I have a much more advanced GPS / Compass (critical to every Phantom mission)

It was about $30
Installation time about 30 minutes
Remove upper shell
Remove (and save) gray electrical noise shield
Remove OEM GPS
Replace gray electrical noise shield
Make provision to run Ublox Cable through shell (Ublox GPS mounts on top of P1)
Mount Ublox GPS (I mounted mine on top of the P1 with 2 way tape
Connect Cable to existing GPS connector
Remove OEM Compass from Leg (Ublox GPS has built in compass)
Replace upper shell
Hi, I know this is an old thread. I have a P2V+ which has a faulty GPS whichI can’t lock into any satellites and I also need a cable for the older style of compass. I bought it second hand and someone had played with it before and changed things out. Are, you saying I won’t need the old compass at all if I install a M8N GPS/Compass all in one. How does the the drone recognise the compass in the god module and how do you then calibrate it? Thanks

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