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I-FlashDevice HD Device Plays 4K Video Files on Any iPad Directly from microSD Card

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GadgetGuy, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. GadgetGuy

    Jun 18, 2015
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    I-FlashDevice HD Device Plays 4K Video Files on Any iPad Directly from microSD Card

    With the help of others, I have discovered that the $20 I-FlashDevice HD and its free I-FlashDevice app will allow you to play any 4K .mov or .mp4 stored on ANY microSD card you insert into it, as long as the video file size is 2.5 GB or smaller! I copied some two dozen of my 4K edited drone videos exported from Premiere Pro, and several original .mov files from the drone, all under 2.5GB in size, and all of them played on every iPad and iPhone I own (including an iPad Mini 2 and Mini 4, an iPad Air, an iPad Pro, and my iPhone 6+),when the I-FlashDevice was inserted into each, with the microSD card inserted into the device, and the I-FlashDevice app used to play all the 4K video files on the iPads' screens! Note that all files remained solely on the 32GB microSD card I was using, and were being played directly from it. No copying of the files to the iPads was needed! There was some initial buffering stutter, but within 15 seconds, each video file played fully to completion, without any further delay! Some were even 25 minutes in length! Very impressive! Highly recommended so you can play your edited 4K videos on your iPad and your HDTV through Apple TV, without going through YouTube, especially when away from WiFi and internet access, and without needing or using up ANY space on your iPad! :cool:
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