How to use the P3 Pro with Kindle Fire 7" (the cheap new $50 one)

Jan 4, 2015
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I had a lot of trouble getting connected, with the app only showing the option How to Connect, so since I finally got it working I decided to post here in case anyone else is having trouble. This was with the newer GL300B remote which won't allow updates via sd card, not sure if that matters.

This is very specifically the new Kindle Fire 7" (2015), the $50 one.

Steps are:
  • Go to settings->Security->Enable Apps from Unknown sources
  • Since DJI GO is not in the Amazon App store go to the DJI website with silk browser, under support->Phantom 3 Pro->downloads and click the link Get it on Google Play -- Phantom 3 Professional - Specs, FAQ, Tutorials, Downloads and DJI GO | DJI
  • It should download, click the hamburger menu, select downloads, then click DJI-GO.apk, then click install
  • Start the DJI GO app and plug the Kindle into the remote
    • Important: make sure to dismiss the warning and choose never show this again when it prompts about charging on a low power source
  • Unplug and plug in the cable from the Kindle 3 times
  • It should then ask if you would like to use that app when plugging in this device, hit accept and you should now see the option in the GO app to connect to camera

I was never able to get it to connect to the Ipad 3, but everything looked great and smooth on the Kindle, pretty impressive for a $50 device -- plus it is the perfect size. Hope that helps someone else save the time I wasted.
Apr 24, 2016
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Orlando Fl
I know this thread is a little old, but I fly P3P with a kindle 5. Had problem at first finding DJI GO app that would connect. Finally googled GO app for kindle. I downloaded right to the kindle. Been flying for a couple of months now without issues. Only thing I noticed is it has to connect when the USB cord is plugged in two times in a row. Will not connect if you push the DJI GO icon.
I keep kindle in plane mode all the time. Normally picks up between 12 to 17 sats.

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