1. PlanetPapi

    Drone Delivery App. A world's first?

    I'm a User Experience (UX) practitioner and a Phantom pilot. I combined those skills and came up with a drone delivery app concept. We all heard about drone delivery attempts in the media now and then and we also know it is not yet a main stream proven delivery platform. To that extent, I...
  2. JxBx80

    Amazon Warehouse Construction VIDEO - Jacksonville FL

    The video is short (just 1 minute). I decided to stop and take a video of the construction process of the new Amazon facility/warehouse/distribution center being built out by me (in Jacksonville, FL). I drove past this weekend and they have all the walls up now so I'm glad I stopped and got...
  3. L

    The Spheres - Amazon Seattle

  4. We Talk UAV

    Amazon's Newest Patent for Drone Deliveries.

    Consider the parachute. How long has it been around for? In a sense, it may be one of the more versatile inventions out there. It helped bring the Apollo Space capsule to an easy landing. It helped many paratroopers land without injury. Now, it is set to design to help Amazon land your smaller...
  5. We Talk UAV

    Vodafone is Looking for Ways to Jump Into the Drone Business.

    SIM cards are going through a golden age. First mobile phones, then machines and now it’s the time for vehicles. Vodafone is studying ways to connect drones to the internet as a solution to identify, track and manage all of them in a single airspace Vodafone is actively looking for ways to jump...
  6. digital290

    Fraud? Scam? You tell me!

    I ordered a Mavic Pkg on 11-03-16 from a company on Amazon called yitamotor. I received notice that they were shipping 12-06-16. Today I got what they was a class 8 32 gig memory card with an apology that they were not able to ship my Mavic till mid to late January. They charged...
  7. tml4191

    amazon prime lightning deal 32gb microsd lexar about 10 bucks <<<

    I have the 128gb, and it works good, so the 32gb for only ten bucks seems like a great deal for those who need it. Felt like sharing this Christmas season, so here's the deal...
  8. Bugsbunnyheli

    Powerextra batteries on Amazon have you used one?

    Amazon seems to be selling them so somebody has to be buying them. My question is who is using one. Not the I heard from a friend's friend story. In my case I have been into quads since 2013 and have only used dji batteries. I just wonder if they fake or not usable why is Amazon selling them?
  9. C

    Pre-orders & Shipping Times Thread

    Post your pre-orders and shipping times here! Source: DJI store Order Date: 2016-10-01 05:58:06 (UTC) Order number: 0012008998XX Fly-more combo with DJI care refesh! To say I'm excited is an understatement, my prior drones have been little babies... I want a flying camera to to produce...
  10. Fishie

    Review of KUUQA - Copper Parabolic Reflectors If you want a way to inexpensively, easily, and effectively "boost" your DJI drone's signal strength and range then Kuuqa's copper lined parabolic reflectors are the way to go. I prefer copper over the aluminum because copper is...
  11. A

    Fishing in Brazil (Amazon) - P3 adv

  12. Y

    New battery question

    I recently saw some threads about people having replica battery's delivered to them from amazon and I was wondering if this is still occurring? I just ordered a battery from the seller Dronepros through Amazon and was curious if anyone has had any problems with batteries from this seller? The...
  13. Chirp

    Wrong parts from MakaMoto thru Amazon

    I don't know if anybody's interested in this but it is P2 information. I ordered a set of 9450 blades from MakoMoto thru Amazon for my P2. The ad clearly stated 9450. I received them today. The number stamped on them is 9443 (CCW)R and 9443 (CW). I already contacted Amazon and they will...
  14. Omniround

    Get your $5 Amazon GC Credit - Buy a Battery or whatever!

    As a new P3P owner I have a lot of things to get, such as batteries. We have seen the price at Amazon slowly slide down to $121 and if you use this technique, you can get another $5 off. Use this link: Reload your Gift Card Balance So....load $117 to your GC, you will get a $5 credit so now...
  15. D

    How to use the P3 Pro with Kindle Fire 7" (the cheap new $50 one)

    I had a lot of trouble getting connected, with the app only showing the option How to Connect, so since I finally got it working I decided to post here in case anyone else is having trouble. This was with the newer GL300B remote which won't allow updates via sd card, not sure if that matters...
  16. L

    Any Good? | Red Rock Case on SALE tomorrow | Amazon Gold Box

    Has anyone bought a Red Rock Case for the P3? It looks like Amazon is going to have a Gold Box special on it tomorrow morning. Are they any good? The reviews look good, but I rather here what others are saying. Here is the Red Rock Case This is the website reporting the deal: Nov 6, 2015 So...