How to simulate theHow to simulate the Epson BT-35e interface box with the Epson BT-300 Epson BT-35e interface box with the Epson BT-300

Aug 17, 2017
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Perth, Australia
In a post by David Huang on the Epson Moverio Tips/Tricks/ Support facebook page he has provided us with a solution to using the Epson BT-300 with any hdmi input, thereby acting like the BT-35e interface box. It is a very cheap option and provides the BT-300 with another use.

I have tested it and it works perfectly

It consist of a hardware and software solution

1) HDMI video capture dongle

2) Sideload the "USB camera app" and install it on the Epson BT-300

3) A short usb OTG cable is needed to connect the video dongle to the BT-300's micro usb port

4) A male to male full size HDMI cable, length depending on your set up and what output device your using. Shorter if your connecting a SC or CS to the BT-300 as there is less latency

5) A device that has a HDMI output e.g. DJI Smart Controller, DJI Crystal Sky or a tablet or whatever you want to project on the BT-300 glasses e.g. PC, DVD player etc.

Pretty straight forward setup

Connect the hdmi output of your device to the HDMI cable which then plugs into the HDMI video capture dongle, connect the dongle to the OTG cable and plug the micro usb into the Epson BT-300.

Open the "USB camera" app

1) Change the screen quality and color from the "adjust" tab.
2) The screen aspect ratio can be changed from the "settings" tab in the "size" selection, chose the option that gives the right aspect ratio for the BT-300 and the highest possible fps. For me it's 1280x720 10fps.
2) You can maximize the screen by tapping on it from the BT-300 touch pad and pinch to zoom as well, just tap it to go back to the menu screen.

I've used this solution to fly my Mavic Mini by connecting the BT-300 glasses to the Crystal Sky (running the latest version of Litchi) via the HDMI video capture connection and there is negligible latency.

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