horizontal lines in image

Sep 10, 2015
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hi there

did a search but couldn't find anything similar. i am getting horizontal lines in my image, definitely not shadows but some sort of artefact. any ideas?

Are they there in both 16:9 and 4:3 images? I recall that one of the FW updates introduced an issue with horizontal lines in 4:3 images and video. I think it was 1.2.7 for the P3A, but that was quickly replaced with 1.2.8.

Do you happen to be using a P3A with 1.2.7?
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Oh sorry I should have included in my original post. P3P with firmware 1.4.0, iPad 2 mini iOS 9. Images look fine on preview but when I download them to my mac the lines are visible. They are dng files
Defective camera. I'm assuming those images came directly from the sd card
This is super frustrating, P3P is only a month old and hardly have much flying time. Can't believe no one else i getting these problems. i'm out taking all these pictures and when i get home i find that they're all corrupted. those locations are at like 5 hours drive each!
Just try to format the memory. Then re install the FW on the phantom. Maybe that will resolve your prob.

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